Pursuing Pre-Health

One of my reasons for choosing to come to Scripps was because I knew I wanted to study STEM and pursue pre-med, but I also knew I did not want to be in a competitive environment. Being at a smaller school like Scripps, has also allowed me to develop relationships with my professors. One of them I ended up being a Teaching Assistant for and another I started research with. This has really helped me with my pre-med/pre-health journey. This year, I’ve had the opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Pre-Health Office at Keck, our science department. I’ve gotten to learn about so many health professions and how to advise students pursuing that path. In my time so far, I’ve been able to pursue many opportunities: Peer Educator, Teaching Assistant, Microbiology Research, and Pre-Health Ambassador.

Scripps does not have a pre-health/pre-med major, so as students, we are able to major in any subject we find interesting. I’m pursuing a Biology major and Data Science minor. I found that a lot of my pre-med requirements align with my major, which has been helpful in scheduling out my semesters. But pre-health students major in a very wide variety of subjects, and with our Scripps General Education requirements, we end up taking a lot of interesting classes outside of STEM.

At Keck, the Pre-Health Office is led by the Director of Pre-Health Advising, who gives a presentation early in the year to advise on classes students should be taking, various opportunities, and more. Students can meet with the Director of Pre-Health Advising throughout the year, usually around once a semester. Every week, pre-health students receive a newsletter from the Pre-Health Office with upcoming workshops/events, clinical opportunities, and more. There are also weekly office hours with the Pre-Health Student Ambassadors, and we can answer any questions about student life, taking gap years after college, classes/4-year class plan, and anything else! The Pre-Health Advising Office has really guided me throughout my journey at Scripps.

Being pre-med during my journey at Scripps has definitely been academically rigorous. It has challenged me to branch outside of my comfort zone. But I have felt very supported throughout my journey so far, and I know I’ve grown a lot as a student and person. Professor office hours, the Pre-Health Advising Office, and my fellow peers have really helped me pursue this path.

Please reach out with any specific questions!