Performing Arts Opportunities at the 5Cs

Hi everyone! My name is CJ and I’m a neuroscience and dance major here at Scripps. One of my favorite parts about being a student at Scripps is the amazing performing arts opportunities we have throughout the five colleges. Personally, as a dance major, I have been very involved in the dance community. It has been a great way for me to make friends at other schools and participate in creative projects. Even if you have never danced before, there is a place for you in the dance department! You can take classes even without the intention to major in dance and participate in the shows at both Scripps and Pomona in the fall and Spring. If you are interested in choreographing, there is the opportunity for you to do so as well! In fact, most of the performances are made of student-choreographed pieces. In addition, there are many dance clubs, like Reverb (heel dancing) and Groove that have weekly practices and some performances throughout the year.

Some of my favorite classes so far have been Creative Movement and Advanced Contemporary. Both have been a great creative outlet and have changed the way I view movement. Since coming to Scripps, I have danced in ways I hadn’t previously which has allowed me to grow as a dancer.

Outside of dance, the 5Cs also offer opportunities for theatre and music. Pomona’s theatre department hosts students from all five colleges and puts on four shows a year that both majors and non-majors can participate in. All 5Cs also offer music lessons to experienced and more beginner musicians. Scripps also offers a Music major and minor.

No matter what your academic interests may be, Scripps has many opportunities to be involved in the performing arts in whatever capacity you choose! Many students participate in the performing arts and another discipline. I personally know quite a few people majoring in STEM and dance! I have truly loved my experience dancing at Scripps and have met so many passionate people through my classes and performances!