My Time on Student Government

As a senior in high school, I served on my school’s student government as the “Commissioner of Student Activities”- I was in charge of creating videos and other promotional content. The entire school year was practically online, and I made very few videos. I began to regret not joining the student government earlier, and graduated with that lingering sadness. Even with that knowledge of my remorse, I didn’t have any plans to join Scripps Associated Students (SAS) when I started my freshman year in the fall of 2021. A year of trial and error with various clubs and organizations went by, but every now and then I would think about SAS somewhat wistfully. Toward the end of the fall 2022 semester, I seized my opportunity- SAS announced that a handful of positions had opened up due to members studying abroad, and encouraged students to send in applications. The next thing I knew, I was the new Vice President of Student Activities! At my first meeting that December, I felt immediately at home. Everyone was extremely welcoming and kind, and I appreciated the diversity reflected in our membership; my place there felt natural and I assumed the new position with ease. 


I’ve gained so many valuable experiences in only a few months: I’m currently helping plan three different parties for our student body (one for the 5 colleges), I send out weekly newsletters regarding events and announcements around the consortium, work closely with the SAS President (whom I look up to immensely- I feel so thankful to work with her), and, most importantly- I’m forging close bonds with my peers. I’ve been strengthening my leadership and organizational skills, my ability to communicate and work with others, and so much more. I love the idea of being able to contribute to the livelihood of the student body here, and I think that this is an experience unique to Scripps; our ability to influence one another, whether it is as individuals or as a larger group, is incredible. I truly believe that we are making our campus a better place, and I am planning on running for future SAS positions so that I may extend my time in this incredible organization. 


The mission of SAS, as outlined on our website, is to strengthen Scripps “by empowering students to live confidently, courageously, and hopefully in a community of which we can all be proud”- it is my greatest wish to fulfill this to the best of my ability. 

The SAS logo.