My Favorite Study Spots on Campus

Being a STEM major in my senior year, I’ve been studying a lot over my time at Scripps. Here, I’ll give you my top 5 study spots on campus (in no particular order).


  1. Honnold-Mudd Library

When I think of just sitting down and focusing on my work, I will almost always go to Honnold-Mudd. Honnold-Mudd is the shared library of the Claremont Colleges. It has four floors that get quieter as you go up, lots of study rooms with whiteboards, a collaboration floor for louder groupwork, a quiet floor, and a café, among other cool features. The building is also further split into two sides: a Honnold side and a Mudd side, so if one side is full on a floor, you can check the other side. They also both have slightly different features and study environments. I really like the variety that Honnold-Mudd provides when it comes to different type of work and the fact that it’s a central meeting spot for my classmates and friends when we work on assignments together. I don’t know if it’s the library setting but I’m extra productive at Honnold-Mudd.

  1. The Motley Coffeehouse/Seal Court

Another one of my favorite study spots is Seal Court. I love the fact that it’s such a social space and that I can do my work next to the koi pond while enjoying a drink or a snack from the Motley Coffeehouse. I like to do homework that requires a bit less concentration here because at times the busyness of the space can be distracting. I like the outdoor space of Seal Court since it allows me to study in fresh air, which is very helpful sometimes, especially if I’ve been inside all day. Of course, it also helps that I can get caffeinated at the Motley and recharge to finish my work for the day. To me, studying in Seal Court gives off the ultimate Scripps vibe and I really enjoy.

  1. Browsing rooms

A space I’ve been taking advantage of recently is the browsing room in my dorm. Browsing rooms are like small libraries within each residence hall that are nice, quiet study spaces. They are so beautifully decorated inside and are great if you want a cozy feeling while doing work. The browsing room in my dorm is literally right next door to my room so it’s super convenient to just pop over and do work if my room is getting too distracting. I like that we have study spaces in the residence halls for us to work in. I’m all about options and having one so close by is a great incentive to be productive! If I’m not in the mood to walk the 5 minutes to Honnold-Mudd, I’ll most likely be in my hall’s browsing room.

  1. Denison Library

Scripps is the only one of the 5Cs to have our own standalone library in addition to Honnold-Mudd. Denison library is a very cool spot-on campus for some very, very quiet work and your classic East Coast college library vibe. It is in the middle of campus so it’s accessible to Scripps students from basically anywhere. Admittedly I don’t study at Denison that often but I’ve gone there when I really need a zero-distraction environment. If you prefer complete silence when you study, Denison is a great place to go.

  1. Tiernan Field House Pool

Last, but not least, I love doing work by the pool at Tiernan Field House. Often if I have readings, am organizing materials or catching up on assignments for work, I like to go lounge by the pool and get my work done. Being from the East Coast, I really appreciate the SoCal weather lets me enjoy pool time for more than three months a year. I also like to reward myself for finishing work with a quick swim. It also helps that our pool area is absolutely gorgeous! It seriously looks like a resort which creates such a good atmosphere.


These are just some of my favorite places to study on campus but there are many more so if you want more recommendations feel free to reach out!