Meet Rinny ’23

Hello everybody! My name is Rinny, and I’m a junior from Rochester, Minnesota. I am a classics major on the premed track. Outside of class, I’m a CC, a board member of Spotlight Musical Theatre, an assisting officer in the 5CRPG group, the creative director of the Moirai Project, and a member of the 9th Street Hooligans and the EMT club! I generally like to be involved in writing, music-making, acting, and directing in the Pomona theatre department as well. In my free time, I love cooking, creating, and playing games with my friends!

Applying for college is a harrowing experience for most students. It’s overwhelming to try and pick the place you’ll be spending the next four years of your life when most students haven’t even been allowed to go to the bathroom without asking for the entire scope of their education. There are so many factors to consider, and it can be difficult to know what type of environment you want to be in.

I was paralyzed by all of the decisions to make going into college that was most personally relevant to me — did I want to go to a smaller school, or a bigger school? Should I go to a historically women’s college, or a co-ed institution? Would it be better for me to be at a school in a bustling urban area or a small college town? Do I want to go somewhere with a STEM focus to get into medical school, or would I rather go to a liberal arts college? Do I want to go somewhere with an emphasis on high achievement, or somewhere less competitive? All of these questions and more troubled me as I considered the colleges on my shortlist.

In the end, I came to the realization that with Scripps, I didn’t have to choose. Scripps was able to give me the experience of a tight-knit small school, while also allowing me to enjoy the benefits of learning at a consortium where I could take classes and meet people all throughout the 5Cs — this also let me enjoy the benefits of a historically women’s college and co-ed institutions at the same time. Similarly, Scripps is located in Claremont, a cute small town still within a short distance from Los Angeles. Scripps is a liberal arts school that also looks great on medical school applications and has a high acceptance rate. Scripps is an institution full of high-achievers who constantly inspire me, but aren’t competitive and aggressive with one another as many other colleges are. Instead, the focus of the community is to lift one another up.

I’m constantly thankful that I decided to choose Scripps. If I were to give prospective students any advice, it would be to try to consider all of the different opportunities that are most interesting to you. Choosing a college isn’t just about being “good enough” to get in somewhere, or about trying to be the perfect match for a school — it’s also about finding a college that is a perfect match for you!

I’m so excited to continue sharing my personal experience at Scripps! Stick around for more blog posts and Instagram office hours from the entire admissions ambassador team. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me at!