Meet Louise ’24

Hello everyone! I’m Louise Schiele, a third year student from Seattle, Washington. I am pursuing a Cognitive Science major with a Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures minor. And, I am so excited that you are considering Scripps! In the college search, there are a million variables to consider, and it is exhausting to try and find a school that matches all of your perfect search criteria. I found myself in moments getting so caught up in the facts and figures of each college that I didn’t take a step back and ask myself how I truly felt about the school. Luckily, on my Scripps tour, I did just that. Walking around the campus, I took a deep breath, and let myself imagine my life here. The magic of the Scripps community and the wonder of the campus could never be captured by numbers. I’ve made such incredible connections with students and faculty that have changed the course of my education. As well, I’ve had the privilege of living in what might be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Waking up to the California sunrises over Scripps campus each day I feel endlessly lucky that my gut feeling about Scripps led me here.

Let me know if I can help you with any questions throughout your college process! Reach out whenever at my email