Meet Eleanor ’24

Hi!! I’m Eleanor, a senior here at Scripps, originally from Los Alamos, New Mexico (super tiny town in the middle of nowhere). I’m dual-majoring in Philosophy and Media Studies, which is a cool thing Scripps offers–it’s like double-majoring but you only have to write one thesis connecting the two. Classic Scripps interdisciplinary-ness, plus I get to do both of the things I love. I am also the Editor-in-Chief at the 5C satire paper, I sing in a rock band, and on weekends I go off to L.A. to record music I’ve written with a producer! All of which are things high school me never would have imagined I could do. Easily the best part of college is finally trying all the things you secretly wanted to do but were too afraid to try (that, and the friends we made along the way). You can find me being silly with friends at the Motley, jamming in the underground 5C music room, or picking some roses for my room in the rose garden. I hope to see you around campus sometime soon! Something about Scripps just felt right when I first came here, and I bet you’ll feel it too–there’s no place like the 5Cs.

Feel free to email me with any questions at: [email protected].