Admission Ambassadors

Our Admission Ambassador Team is eager to share their experiences at Scripps with you, and help you and your family learn about the academic and extracurricular activities offered at the College. Meet them below — you may see them again on campus!


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Aleah Booker ’20

Aleah Booker is a sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in Neuroscience on the pre-medical track. While at Scripps, Aleah currently serves as the Sophomore Class President on Scripps Associated Students, mentors first year students as a Team Leader for the New Student Program, a part of the OBSA mentorship program, and participates in Watu Weusi meetings and events. Aleah’s interest in medicine is driven by an interest in how social determinants of health affect patient care and community health advocacy. This year she is also an office assistant in S.C.O.R.E. In her free time, Aleah likes to work out at Tiernan Field House or go to on-campus dance workshops.

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Bergen Carloss ’20

Bergen, a sophomore from Whitefish, MT, is an Economics major at Scripps, and although she changes her mind constantly, she is considering a pre-law track. During her first year at college, Bergen worked on videos for The Student Life– the 5 College newspaper, played a little bit of Ultimate Frisbee, took ballroom dancing, went on outdoor trips with On the Loose, and participated in I Am That Girl, a female empowerment organization on campus. This summer, she worked at a company called Spark Ventures in Chicago, which is dedicated to building sustainable farms and schools in developing countries, which sparked her passion for social justice. You’ll find her giving tours for the Admission Ambassador team and working on more political and economical projects and activities this year.

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Katherine DePalma ’18

Katherine DePalma is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama studying Politics & International Relations. In her time at Scripps, Katherine has mentored incoming first years for the New Student Program, coordinated events on campus with the Scripps Associated Students Programming Committee, and served on the board of the Scripps Politics Association. Katherine’s interest in politics is motivated by bringing people together. Her time between the deep south and southern California kindled an interest in the political polarization of 21st century American politics. In spring of 2017, Katherine studied in Washington DC where she worked for the political organizing department of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. After graduation in 2018, Katherine plans to return to Washington DC and work for an issue advocacy driven non-profit.

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Kira Gabriel ’19

Kira, a junior from South Pasadena, CA, is an Economics major and a Spanish minor. She transferred to Scripps College from a different small liberal arts college after her freshman year.  She plans to study abroad in Ecuador this upcoming spring, where she will study and explore in Quito, the Galapagos, and a cloud forest! Outside of the Admissions Office, Kira is a manager for Scripps’ Outdoor Wilderness Leaders, as well as a leader for the 5C outdoor club, On The Loose. This semester, she is taking an Outdoor Leadership class to learn how to more effectively and inclusively engage other in outdoor experiences. She also plays in the 5C intramural Ultimate Frisbee team in the fall, and lifts free weights in her free time. Usually, you can find Kira somewhere outside: with a disk on the Scripps field, off hiking in the middle of the wilderness, or giving a campus tour!

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Avery Harwood ’19

Avery, a junior from Silver Spring, MD, is an Anthropology major with a minor in Spanish, but has a distinct interest in Education. Other than being an Admission Ambassador at Scripps, Avery is a mentor to a local high school student through the Claremont organization Uncommon Good. She enjoys going on various outdoors trips with the different outdoors clubs at the Claremont Colleges. This past summer, Avery worked as a hiking staff member at a backpacking camp on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. In her remaining years at Scripps, she plans to study abroad in Ecuador for a semester. In her free time, you can find Avery enjoying the fresh air and listening to music on any of the Scripps lawns!

Contact Mia

Mia Kania ’20

Mia Kania is a sophomore from Lincoln, Massachusetts, majoring in Environmental Analysis with specific interests in environmental justice and urban planning. Other than her role as an Admission Ambassador, Mia spends her time as a member, beat boxer, and Social Media Director of the 5C A capella group Women’s Blue and White, studies music and vocal performance with the Scripps music program, and participates on stage and off in theater productions at Pomona. This summer, she worked as a Marketing Intern for a Boston-based theater company, which allowed her to explore her interest in graphic design. During her free time, you can find Mia working out at Tiernan Field House, following around on-campus dogs, or out in Seal Court soaking up sun and goofing around with friends.

Contact Natalie

Natalie Lillie ’19

Natalie Lillie is a junior from Los Altos, California, majoring in Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience. Natalie loved being active in student government, marching band, mock trial, and on her basketball and swim teams during high school. Since starting her journey at Scripps College, Natalie has been a member of the Scripps Student Investment Fund board, a sports writer for the 5C publication The Student Life, an intern in the Office of a President, and she is currently a research assistant at Keck Science Center. One of her passions is playing ultimate frisbee for the Claremont Greenshirts and bringing spirit to the game as the Spirit/Social Chair. When Natalie isn’t on a run at Tiernan Field House or writing letters to friends and family, she can be found savoring each sip of coffee and engaging in meaningful conversations with friends.


Contact Kelly

Kelly Peng ’18

Kelly is a senior who hails from Battle Creek, Michigan – the city of cereal. She is dual majoring in Biology and Asian American Studies and is on the pre-medical track. In her time at Scripps, Kelly has been involved in the Admission Advisory Board, serving as Chair of the board during her sophomore year and in Scripps Associated Students (SAS), Scripps’ student government. On SAS, Kelly has served as a hall senator, class president, executive vice president, and currently serves as student body president. In addition, she was involved with the Asian American Sponsor Program, where she served as a sponsor to first years who identify as Asian or Asian American and as a co-head. During the past three summers, Kelly worked as a Head Team Advisor for the National Student Leadership Conference, where she mentored high school students in leadership skills and neuroscience topics. When Kelly is not doing homework, she can be spotted in Seal Court enjoying a Motley drink and squirrel watching, on the Sallie Tiernan pool deck taking a nap, buying 10 bags of hot cheetos from the school store, or scoring men’s tennis.

Contact Michall

Michall Singleton ’18

Michall, a senior from Los Angeles, CA, is a Psychology major on the pre-medical track. She studied abroad in New Zealand for a semester her junior year. In addition to working in the Admission Office as an Ambassador for Scripps, Michall works in the Dean of Students Office and as a driver for Scripps College Academy.  She is also a Residential Advisor who focuses on building community. During her 3 years at Scripps, she has been an active member of Café Con Leche, previously serving on the board as treasurer. As a sophomore, she enjoyed being a Chicano Latino Student Affairs sponsor to Scripps first-year students. She recently joined Claremont Barbell club to learn and practice lifting techniques with a student coach. Every other night, you can find her practicing at the Tiernan Field House for the 5C Women’s Club Soccer team.

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Kaeley Stout ’20

Kaeley Stout is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington, majoring in Bioethics on the Pre-Medical track. In her first two years at Scripps, Kaeley has been engaged in a variety of activities, namely mentoring first years through the New Student Program, taking accelerated interdisciplinary science courses and trying out a variety of intramural sports. Kaeley loves being outdoors, and she has taken full advantage of the opportunities Scripps has for exploration off-campus, including becoming a leader for the 5C outdoor club, taking an outdoor rock-climbing course, and interning for a local canyoneering company. Above all else, Kaeley is looking forward to exploring her major and taking full advantage of the opportunities for research at the Keck Science Center. She intends to study abroad in South America during her junior year and plans to continue her passion for science and outdoor education after her time at Scripps.


Contact Irene

Irene Yi ’19

Irene is a junior from Walnut, CA pursuing a Major in Economics with a Minor in Computer Science. Apart from her role in the Office of Admissions, Irene works as a Career Consultant at Career Planning & Resources, and as a Computer Science Tutor at Harvey Mudd. Throughout her past three years at Scripps, Irene has served as a student representative on the Scripps Board of Trustees and as a Board member on Scripps’ student government, Scripps Associated Students (SAS). As a part of SAS, Irene as been a student Senator, Senate Chair, and currently serves as the Executive Vice President. Aside from academics, Irene enjoys playing basketball and has recently taken up practicing her Korean and Spanish to travel after graduation.