Gloria says Hello!

Hi! My name is Gloria, and I am a Cognitive Science major from Orange County, California. I am also completing a Philosophy minor and a Computer Science major concentration. Cognitive Science and Computer Science are both off-campus majors, so if you are interested, I’m happy to tell you about my experience majoring off-campus as a Scripps student. I’m also involved in the Scripps Questbridge Scholars Network and have worked at the Scripps Student Store ever since I was a first-year.

When I was applying to college through QuestBridge, I applied to schools as close as an hour away from my home, like the Claremont Colleges, and as far away as across the country, on the east coast. The Questbridge process was especially stressful because of all the applications and essays I had to write on top of the regular Common App. However, I am so happy that I applied through Questbridge because it introduced me to a wonderful cohort of fellow Scripps Questies who I have become very close with. I applied to Scripps through Questbridge’s Regular Decision process, and although I didn’t know at the beginning of the process that Scripps is where I would end up, I am so glad that I made the decision to attend Scripps. Scripps campus is close to my family, Scripps classes have introduced me to disciplines I never even knew existed, and my Scripps friends have really made Scripps feel like a second home.

When I was choosing which college to attend, I was at first torn between Scripps and a large, public research university, also located in California. In truth, it took me a little while after deciding on Scripps for me to be sure that this was the place where I belonged. However, as I went through my first year of college, I started to make close friends, participate in classroom discussions, and get involved with the Scripps community through CLORGS and work-study. Eventually, I discovered all the wonderful things that, to this day, make Scripps the right place for me. I still remember signing up for classes such as Writing 50: Me vs. the Garlic Bread She Told You Not to Worry About and Foreign Language and Culture Teaching Clinic (where I got to teach Korean to a class of fourth-grade students) and feeling that these experiences are true indicators that Scripps is one-of-a-kind.

My best advice to you, if you are starting the process of applying to schools, is not to put so much pressure on yourself! Applying to college is long, hard, and grueling, so it’s natural to feel overburdened and overwhelmed. Take a few moments to unwind, breathe, and appreciate yourself for your ambition and hard work. And remember– a college’s decision to admit you or not does not determine your value or intelligence. You are enough, just the way you are, and you will find where you belong! I know it.

I am excited to continue writing for this blog, and I hope that it will help you navigate your own path to college. Until then, feel free to email me at with any questions you might have, especially if you want to learn more about Scripps or anything that I’ve mentioned in this post. I am more than happy to chat! Bye for now!