My Favorite Clubs at the Claremont Colleges!

One of the questions I receive most as an admissions ambassador is “what clubs are you involved in on campus”? I’ve been lucky to be involved in many organizations at the Claremont Colleges since my freshman year of all different types, so I thought I’d take some time to list some of them out here!

The Pomona Theater Program: This club is a club associated with a college department. The Pomona Theater program receives funding, staffing, and resources through the school, meaning productions have very high quality! The community had been super welcoming, and I was able to be very involved even before I declared a theater minor!

Spotlight Musical Theater: Spotlight is the student-run musical theater group on campus! The club started in my freshman year, and I have since become one of the board members! We do a mix of showcases, events, full shows, and student-written works. A musical I wrote got put on through Spotlight, which was so fun!

The Green Room: The Green Room is another student-run theater group on campus, and one of the oldest! They put on alternative shows every semester, some of which are student written. I’ve really enjoyed participating in their productions.

The Ninth Street Hooligans acapella: the Ninth Street Hooligans is one of the acapella groups on campus! Our focus is more on hype songs or funny bits, and we have a very open and friendly group culture. I’ve loved being part of the acapella community and would highly recommend it to anyone interested!

5CEMS: 5CEMS is a club for students who have emergency medical services licenses or who are interested in getting them. Students learn EMS skills and can seek mentorship for taking the EMT exam. I personally have my EMT license, and being involved in this community has been very supportive and caring.

Project Sunshine: Project Sunshine is the local chapter of Project Sunshine, an organization that focuses on normalizing the lives of pediatric patients. Members of the club call pediatric patients, make care packages, and raise awareness. It’s a very rewarding organization to be a part of, and it’s filled with passionate, intelligent people!

The 5C Roleplaying Game Association: the 5CRPGA is an organization that I am currently one of the co-presidents of! I joined in my sophomore year, and it’s been an amazing way to play roleplaying games like D&D and get to know people with similar interests! The club organizes game matching for members and hosts events, including interactive theatrical events! The club is around 350 people in total and is an amazing and passionate community.

Those are just some of my favorites! At the end of the day, there are so many clubs at the Claremont Colleges that students can get involved in. Join clubs that are interesting to you, no matter how niche they seem, and you’ll be sure to find a passionate and vibrant community of friends!