Emma Liang ’26

Hey! I’m Emma and I’m a Scripps second-year from Santa Clara, CA. I’m a Vietnamese-Taiwanese student aiming to major in Molecular Biology and Music (hopefully, don’t tell my parents haha).

Coming from an all-girls high school, I’ve realized the academic and social upsides of an all-women’s environment; the individually-driven yet uplifting population I witnessed the environment producing was something I quickly highlighted as a student ambassador then. As I attended online admissions events and listened to student testimonies during Scripps’s student panels, I felt an instant sense of familiarity, telling of the culture of genuineness among Scripps students. I eventually made the choice to commit to Scripps and my confidence in that choice has only grown since. At no other college would I have had the option or support to be able to tackle my interests in STEM, music, and medicine hand-in-hand, or would I have been able to form the circles of friends that I have while attending an all-women’s college. Seriously, there is so much opportunity around every corner of every campus.

All in all, I hope my perspective resonates with future prospective students considering Scripps, just as the perspectives of previous Admissions Ambassadors did for me. Knowing that I can play a part in advising, informing, and demystifying information surrounding the ever-confusing and anxiety-inducing college admissions process is why I chose to be an Ambassador. Reach out to me via my email [email protected] should you have any questions!


Ask Me About:
Music at Scripps and the greater 5Cs, pre-health, coffee spots on- and off-campus, attending a PWI as a POC, living off-campus, exploring Claremont and the surrounding area, work-life balance, on-campus jobs, finding your niche!