Come on a Walking Adventure With me Around the 5Cs!

I am a big fan of walking around. It’s just the perfect way to socialize and get my body moving. Naturally, one of the first things I did when I got to campus was walk around to find cool things! Over the course of my time here, I believe that I have truly honed in on my favorite spots to walk across the 5Cs. I will now share these spots with you to guide you through an evening walk around the 5Cs!

Let’s start by walking around Scripps. Elm Tree Lawn is so pretty at night with the string lights and the freshly planted grass. I always pay a visit there while on my way out of Scripps. Seal Court is also a must see because the turtles and fish are just so cute! While you’re in Seal Court you might be lucky enough to catch the semester opening of the Motley Coffee House, or even one of their themed shifts!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten our feet moving, let’s venture out beyond Scripps and head over to Pomona! Where is that beautiful singing coming from…oh! It’s one of the Acapella groups performing their snack concert on the Frary dining hall steps! With the beautiful voices fading in the background, we will visit Skyspace, which is a classic Pomona spot because of the cool fountain and the light show that happens at sunrise and sunset. Our next stop is the Smith Campus Center to grab a snack from the Coop Fountain. If it’s a Tuesday or Thursday evening, we can even stop for boba at Milk and Honey, the student-run boba shop! Hopefully the Thursday night Challah for Hunger sale doesn’t sell out before we get there! If we’re lucky, we might be able to catch karaoke and late night snack time at the Coop Fountain. Next we’ll head over to the Pomona farm to visit the plants and the chickens. Maybe we’ll stay for farm fest, the annual music festival the farm puts on, or catch a performance at the outdoor Greek Theater!

As we head back toward the rest of the Claremont Colleges, we can make our way to CMC (Claremont Mckenna College). As we approach the Robert’s Pavillion, we may see people on their way to a Reverb heels dance class and want to join in! The peaceful light installation outside of Roberts might even be filled with the dance skills of the 5C Freestylin’ Collective. As we head toward Pitzer, we can gaze at The Cube and its shallow waters lit up in the night. 

As we walk down the path to enter Pitzer, we might want to rest our legs on the swing and look at a casual game happening on the basketball court. When we’re feeling well rested, we can make our way across the Pitzer mounds and up toward the chicken coop to visit the chickens (yes, Pitzer and Pomona both have chickens and yes, we will be visiting both of the chicken coops). We must remain diligent and careful of the Pitzer cacti all around us! 

By now we’ve worked up an appetite, so we should stop at Jay’s Place at Harvey Mudd for some snacks. As we walk through the Harvey Mudd campus we might even spot some pranks being played! I also think we should get some crafting inspiration from the Mudd Makerspace before we close out the night. 

Whew! That was a long walk! We definitely got our 10,000 steps today. Luckily we made it to the end of our walk and can rest our legs on one of the cozy couches in the Scripps living rooms. Thanks for joining me on a walk this evening! We should do this again sometime!