Campus Resources Descriptions

Academic Life

Academic Resources and Services (ARS)

A department on campus devoted to academic student support. ARS manages academic and housing accommodations, tutoring, academic coaching, general advising and the first-generation at Scripps program for students who are the first in their families to attend a 4-year, U.S. College/University. 

Career Planning and Resources (CP&R)

CP&R promotes strategic management of career development by working with students as they envision, formulate, and move toward future goals. 

The Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research and Engagement (IFC)

IFCR offers programs, resources and support for students, faculty and staff interested in feminism and gender issues, as well as those active in women’s, gender and feminist studies at The Claremont Colleges. 

Study Abroad and Global Education (SAGE)

SAGE offers a unique academic opportunity for Scripps College students extending critical inquiries begun on campus to a semester of learning in one of more than 40 countries. Studying and living in a new environment helps to develop the global competence and innovative leadership required of today’s college graduates in our increasingly interdependent world. 

The European Union Center of California at Scripps College

Founded in 1998 to help advance public understanding of European integration and transatlantic relations through education and research. The Center sponsors a curriculum in European Union Studies at the Claremont Colleges; provides opportunities for students to study in Europe and to intern at various international organizations based in Europe; hosts scholarly conferences and lectures by distinguished visitors; and participates in the West Coast Model EU. For more information, visit the Center’s website at 

The First-Generation@Scripps Program

Designed for students who are the first in their family to attend a four-year college. First-Gen guides Scripps students through their first year and beyond through exposure to faculty, resources, and workshops. The program also strives to bring awareness to issues surrounding first-generation students, faculty, and staff at Scripps. 

Affinity Groups

The Asian American Sponsor Program (AASP)

AASP is a student-run mentorship organization that provides resources to first-years who identify under the greater term Asian-American/Pacific Island/Asian (API/A). Any first-year, or transfer student, at Scripps who identifies as API/A is placed with a mentor group facilitated by two sponsors. AASP aims to foster community, leadership, and coalition building by engaging students socially – through facilitation of events, collaboration within Scripps and the greater 5C community, and fostering of leadership and mentorship skills. AASP is also a pillar of personal support, which seeks to help students establish a home away from home, by means of programs that encourage members to engage with each other while thinking critically and collectively about their personal identity and how different aspects of their lives intertwine.  

The Asian American Student Union (AASU)

AASU is a political space and resource for Scripps College students who identify as Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), which includes those of Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Alaskan Native, mixed race, and/or transnational adoptee backgrounds. Through workshops and other events, AASU strives to build community for AAPI students of all years, make AAPI politics accessible to students, and raise awareness of issues that affect AAPI communities to promote reflection, dialogue, and action.  

Cafe con Leche (CCL)

Cafe con Leche seeks to provide a forum for the discussion of social, political and economic issues that particularly affect those of Latinx descent at Scripps, while also providing space and support for Latinx students at the Claremont Colleges. 

The Disability Illness and Difference Alliance (DIDA)

DIDA is student-led group committed to creating spaces for the discussion on disabled identity and mobilization against ableism on campus. DIDA provides community for disabled-identifying students through weekly community discussions, events, and other programming. We also promote awareness of the issues that face the disabled community by hosting public events, such as speaker series, and workshops. DIDA members work collaboratively to create community, share knowledge, and discuss ways to improve the experiences of disabled students at the Claremont Colleges. 


The LGBTQ+ group for Scripps students. We host events focused on the queer experience at the Claremont Consortium and work with the Queer Resource Center. Our events have included camping, movie nights, a Rocky Horror Picture Show trip, and discussions on issues such as gender diversity at historically women’s colleges. We strive to be as inclusive as possible, and host programs that our student body wants and needs. 


A group for Jewish students within the SCORE office at Scripps. Kehillah was created as a space for any Scripps student who currently identifies as Jewish or has identified as Jewish in the past to explore their Jewish identity as well as build community with other Jews at Scripps. It is a space where Jewish students can have dialogues about difficult and important issues such as what it means to be a Jew in college, how individuals relate to their Judaism differently, and how Judaism intersects with race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and other identities, all while looking at our experiences through a social justice lens. It is also an opportunity for Jews to build relationships through community dinners and cultural events.  

Scripps International Community

Aims to provide social, emotional, administrative support to incoming first years (or transfers) that identify as international students. We want to support and be inclusive of international students across the ‘spectrum’ of ‘international-ness.’ We work to increase the visibility of international first year students and create collaborative relationships across Scripps, the 5Cs, and within the SCORE CLORGs. 

Watu Weusi

Watu Weusi consists of students of Scripps College that self-identify as being of black and African descent. WatuWeusi functions as a collective to support people of African descent at Scripps College, and beyond, in endeavors of socio-political, cultural, personal, and spiritual existence and resistance. As such, we shall strive to champion the rights of communities who have been historically oppressed. We shall strive to foster empowerment of students of African descent by encouraging our members to critically engage with the legacies of our history and black feminist liberation. 

Campus and Student Life

Campus Life is comprised of three offices committed to the student experience – Residential Life (housing), Student Engagement (clubs & organizations) and New Student Programs and Orientation. We work collaboratively as a unit and with other campus partners to develop programming and initiatives that enhance the residential experience and promote a greater sense of community and connectedness to one another and to Scripps.  


The Activities Team is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic Scripps students who offer a wide range of cultural, social, and educational programs to the student body. This creative group has the responsibility of event planning in on- and off-campus and community service ventures. They serve as the official alcohol alternative programming group on campus. 

5C InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (5CIV)

A group of people from Scripps and the other Claremont Colleges who gather for Bible studies and worship services to learn together how to be more like Jesus.  People of all faith backgrounds are welcome!  

KSPC 88.7 FM

The Claremont Colleges’ student run radio station. 

Laspa Center for Leadership

Rooted in the core principals of leadership, creativity, integrity, and service, the Laspa Center for Leadership seeks to advance gender equity by providing distinctive programming, enhanced networks, and experiential learning designed to expand the global influence, power, and impact of Scripps College graduates and future leaders.  

McAlister Center for Religious Activities

Chaplains of The Claremont Colleges empower and enhance spiritual life at The Claremont Colleges by integrating intellectual and spiritual growth, guiding questions about values, life choices and ethics; nurturing religious faith, providing religious services, building community, and training future leaders for service.  

Mock Trial

Allows Scripps undergraduates to engage in trial simulations and competitions with teams from other institutions. Students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills as well as knowledge of legal proceduresDuring meetings, we teach the case law and study the case in hopes of developing good material for competitions. Team members also meet individually outside of the designated club meetings to work with witnesses/lawyers on memorizing data. We aim to facilitate knowledge of the case as well as confidence and strong relationships between students.  

The Motley Coffeehouse

A nonprofit, student-run coffeehouse that focuses on building community through feminist dialogues and promoting sustainable supply chains. 

Sallie Tiernan Field House

State-of-the-art 24,000-square-foot fitness, health and wellness facility that is student-led and student-focused. Students can apply to work at one of many leadership positions at the Field House such as; TFH Coordinator, Peer Health Educators, Bike Shop Managers, Lifeguards, Customer Service Associates, Marketing Associate, Administrative Assistant, and Bike Shop Technicians. The facility contains three high-tech multi-purpose studios, a cardiovascular room, weight room, functional fitness room, leisure/lap/recreational pool, multi-purpose field and sand volleyball court. Our initiatives emphasize a holistic approach to wellness including the following eight dimensions of wellness; physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, environmental, financial, social, and intellectual.  Experiential workshops, social media campaigns around stress, body positivity, alcohol and mental health awareness are just of the few initiatives we focus on each academic year. Our FitScripps group fitness classes, wellness programming, and Green Bike Program are offered free of charge to Scripps students 

Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE)

SCORE seeks to build a community of people dedicated to enhancing and supporting inclusion, equity, and justice at Scripps College and beyond through programming and advising within a social justice framework and attention to issues related to class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, ability, sexuality and sexual orientation.  

Scripps Politics Association (SPA)

SPA provides a community for Scripps students who are majoring or minoring in politics, policy, or law, or who plan to work in these industries after graduation. SPA provides members with opportunities to network with peers, professors, and alumnae in the field. Within the last year, events have included back-to-school kick-off meetings, a Scripps in Politics Alumnae panel, “What Do I Take” dinners before course registration, and our upcoming Student-Alumnae Mixer in Los Angeles. 

The Scripps Voice

Scripps College’s student newspaper serves as a forum for news and opinions within the Claremont Colleges (5C) community. Any and all 5C students and faculty are encouraged to write for us, although managerial and editorial positions are reserved for Scripps students.Scripps College’s founder and namesake, Ellen Browning Scripps, was herself a journalist during the 1860s and 1870s. Ellen Browning Scripps wrote for The Detroit Tribune and The Detroit Evening News in college and after graduating, and her daily columns ranged from news snippets to suffragette appeals. The Scripps Voice hopes to continue the tradition of outspoken feminist journalism that our school’s namesake was notorious for, while adjusting our feminist lens for a newer, more intersectional era.More than a paper promoting neutrality and objectivity, we want to be a platform for radical voices, creative perspectives, marginalized identities, and uncompromising activism. Student journalism is crucial in today’s social and political climate and want to be leading the movement towards truth and justice. 

Scripps Women in Finance Accounting and Consulting

Aims to provide business-related resources and information to Scripps students, foster an on-campus community of future industry professionals, and connect students with alumni. This is achieved by making sure students are aware of industry-specific opportunities, coordinating workshops on technical financial interviews, and providing on-campus networking opportunities, among other endeavors. 

Student Investment Fund (SIF)

SIF is a Scripps organization for students interested in finance, investing, and the global economy. Members actively manage a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and exchange traded funds. In weekly meetings, members discuss current events, market performance, and individual companies/investment vehicles.