Ana says Hello!

Hello all! Hola a todos! Ciao tutti! Oi gente! My name is Ana Rodríguez and I am a sophomore from Quito, Ecuador double majoring in Environmental Analysis Policy/Society Track and Foreign Languages on the pre-law track. As an international student, I literally had the entire world to choose where to go for college which made it hard to pinpoint exactly what college experience I wanted and where. I could not be happier about picking Scripps because of all the different activities, jobs, clubs, and communities is has provided me the opportunity to be a part of in just my first year of college. I have had multiple jobs on campus including working at The Children’s School, being a Scripps This Summer Ambassador, a Community Coordinator, and now as an Admissions Ambassador as well.

The whole college search was very hard because I didn’t know myself that well and even less what I wanted for my future and my higher education. I was very undecided about what I wanted to study, where, why. It was chaos. I still remember when the Scripps Admissions Officer came to my high school in the spring of my junior year and I left that presentation thinking to myself “I am never going to an all-women’s college”. I didn’t know how much I actually wanted to go until I got rejected from my top choice and it had no effect on me and then when I got accepted to Scripps I started crying as if it were the end of the world.

The college search extravaganza is difficult, and I think the best thing for me was to go with the flow of things and not overthink what the right or wrong decision was. It literally came to me the moment of my acceptance. If any of you are feeling stressed about the college application process, reach out! I am happy to talk to you and figure out what is best for your higher education whether it is Scripps or another college. Make sure to keep an eye out for my other blog posts and those of other Ambassadors!