An overview of common transportation at the 5Cs

The Claremont Colleges are notoriously convenient to get between. I can’t count the number of times I’ve complained to my friends that go to schools outside of Claremont about my commute between classes only to realize that a fifteen minute walk to get across campus really is uniquely easy within general college life. Still, time is of essence, and if you’re rushing to get to class (or maybe in line for your favorite lunch at the 5 Claremont Colleges), there are many different methods of transportation to consider!

One of the most common options on the campuses are skateboards. Skateboarding is both a fun skill to master and also a very helpful potential method of transportation. Skateboards can be easily carried around and brought into classrooms, making them one of the easiest options as far as convenience. Scripps Campus has a lot of grass, so not a lot of uninterrupted skateboarding occurs. Most skateboarding happens in short spurts or between campuses. Regardless, the skateboarders do look cool — just be sure to learn how to use one before you’re running late to class, or you might wipe out!

Scooters are also commonly seen on campus. Scooters are nice since they’re easy to transport when you aren’t riding them, although they aren’t quite as convenient as a skateboard. They do have the benefit of having a bit more speed and balance than a skateboard, however, leaving them somewhere firmly between bikes and skateboards as far as the type of ride you’d be having. 

Bikes are another popular option and my personal favorite! Bikes are probably the quickest common method of transportation other than cars and a great way to get to class if you’re like me and like to leave to head to class at the last possible second. The campuses are very bike-friendly, and there are plenty of racks and spaces to bike all over! The only issue comes from the fact that the five campuses are on a slight incline, and although that makes biking south from Scripps easy, making the bike back up can be tiring! It is a good workout, though!

On a similar subject, cars are also a viable option! First-year students are not allowed to have a vehicle on campus (must complete a Request form that will be reviewed by the Dean of Campus Life that can either be approved or denied), but there is a parking garage on Scripps campus. There is a decent amount of parking across the campuses as well. Despite this, many students don’t bring their cars, as Scripps is in a very convenient location nearby other areas such as the beach and downtown LA which can often be reached by different forms of public transportation. Still, sometimes you need a break, and driving from class to class is always an option! 

A less common option but a very fun choice is rollerblades or rollerskates. Plenty of people rollerskate recreationally on campus, but fewer people use them for specific transportation purposes. Seeing Scripps students rollerskate around the campuses is honestly a quintessential part of a Claremont College experience at this point, and it’s fun to see all the different colors and types of rollerskates everyone uses! Once again, though, if you’re going to try this option, be sure to learn before you find yourself skating downhill!

The last option is more of a miscellaneous category that includes a couple of different options. There are a couple of types of transport that I don’t know the name of, like these interesting wheels that attach to each foot that can be propelled sideways in the same position as a skateboard. One Wheels are also becoming more popular as an option to get around, as well as electric scooters and bikes. Although these options are rare, it definitely makes a statement!

Getting from place to place is important, so it’s important to evaluate what way to get around is best for you. Still, as mentioned before, the Claremont Colleges are quite convenient spatially. You’ll find many students walking, whether simply because they don’t need anything else or because they want to take their time to enjoy the scenery! Your destination probably isn’t too far!