Admission Students

Winter Admission Ambassadors 
Keila Joy Fisher ’21

Keila is a senior from Monrovia, California double majoring in Psychology and Theater. During the school year, she is the Student Registrar for Scripps, where she fostered a love for administrative work. An active member of the 5c theater club, The Green Room, Keila spends an absurd amount of time acting in or directing various productions at the Pomona College Theater Department. On campus, she is often found eating a hand tossed salad from Malott Dining Commons at a Vita Nova table with her friends. Her favorite class was You vs the Garlic Bread She Told You Not to Worry About, a writing improvement class taught by Professor Adam Novy during her first semester at Scripps. In her opinion, there is no better way to improve your writing skills than by writing a 12 page paper about memes. Although her abroad experience during the Spring 2020 semester was cut short, she greatly enjoyed her time in Florence, Italy, further cultivating her love for art and theater, psychology, and the Italian language. Non esitate a contattarla!

Ask me about: Psychology Department, Theater at the 5Cs, making non-Scripps friends, study abroad, registrar/registration questions, dual vs double major, Language Corridors (Italian Hall)

Sydney Jackson ’23

Sydney is a sophomore from the Washington, DC area intending to major in Organismal Biology on the pre-veterinary track. Besides working with Admissions, Sydney can often be found doing homework by the pool at Tiernan Field House, grabbing a snack at the Motley, and meeting her friends from across the 5Cs for lunch at Malott Commons. She is a leader of Watu Weusi, the Black Student Association at Scripps, and loves the opportunity to foster a supportive and engaged community of students of African descent at Scripps. Outside of classes, Sydney likes to explore the Claremont Village with friends, work out, bake sweet treats for friends and family, and of course, her weekly Target/Trader Joe’s run. 

Ask me about: Keck Science Department, the pre-health student experience at a LAC, interacting with students from the other Claremont Colleges, Watu Weusi, going to college away from home, and anything else you can think of!

Nancy Puente ’23

Nancy is a sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in Biochemistry. In addition to being an Admission Ambassador, Nancy is a member of Café con Leche, the Latinx student affinity group. Scripps’ Latinx affinity group helps provide a forum for discussion on economic, cultural, political, and social issues in the Latinx community within and beyond Scripps College. This community along with Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) has helped Nancy feel a sense of belonging within the Claremont Colleges and become part of a tight-knit familia. Nancy serves as a mentor for First-Generation at Scripps and Chicano Latino Student Affairs to help incoming students with the transition to college life. Her favorite part about Scripps is that she is able to expand her academic experience with insights into subjects beyond science that she would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about in-depth. Her favorite courses outside her major are Criminal Organizations and Gangs and Core’s Foreign Language and Culture Teaching Clinic (where I get to teach Spanish and some Nahuatl to a fifth-grade class). When I am not working, you can usually find me hanging out with my wonderful friends (usually going out for boba tea, doing study sessions, watching movies and hanging out in Seal Court), tutoring and doing virtual science experiment lessons with elementary students, and she hopes to go sky diving one day! 

Ask me about: Biochemistry major, going to college far from home, weekend adventures in Claremont, Café con Leche, Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA), First-Generation at Scripps, pre-med, student life, peer-mentoring, anything about the Scripps experience! 

Admission Ambassadors 

The following students below are currently are on winter break, however, please feel free to check out their blogs or bios to learn more.

Student standing in front of Bush

Gloria is a senior from Orange County, California majoring in Cognitive Science (with a concentration in Computer Science) and minoring in Philosophy. During the fall of her junior year, Gloria studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the summer before that, she spent a month in Japan, working as a group leader for GPI US, a leadership and empowerment program for high school students. As someone who came to Scripps without a clue as to what she would major in, Gloria discovered that the Cognitive Science major combined her newfound interests in philosophy and computer science, while also introducing her to psychology and linguistics. Her favorite part about Scripps is that she has the freedom to study all these disciplines, as well as take fun and interesting classes outside her major, such as Playground Games and Korean through Pop Culture and Media.   

Ask me about: Majoring off-campus, QuestBridge, studying abroad, work-study, Scripps Store, going to college close to home, being first-gen, and anything else!

Student posing with dog

Sam is a first-year from Minneapolis, Minnesota with an undecided major. Along with working as an admissions ambassador, Sam is trying out some clubs and taking voice lessons. When back at campus, Sam hopes to spend time in Seal Courtyard, get a drink at the Motley, use the pool at the Tiernan Fieldhouse and attend the Wednesday tea. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, hang out with friends, and bake. 

Ask me about: Being a first-year, picking a college without visiting, going to college out of state, communications with financial aid, or any applying to Scripps questions!   


Siena stands smiling in front of ivy

Siena Hinshelwood is a junior History major from Half Moon Bay, California. Besides working in the Admissions Office, Siena has been a fellow for the Scripps Humanities Institute and is the co-captain of the 5C Women’s Club Volleyball team. She is also a member of Spotlight Musical Theatre, a student-run musical theatre club on campus. This past summer, she conducted research on economic history and free ports as an assistant for a history professor. In her free time, Siena enjoys getting Motley drinks, reading on Jaqua Lawn, and saying hello to the fish in the Seal Court fountain.

Ask me about: History department, club sports, Humanities research, workspaces at Scripps, and more!

Student posing

Serena is a first-year from Cupertino, California and uses she/her/hers pronouns. Currently, Serena is considering majoring in biochemistry and minoring in art on the pre-dental track. Over the summer, Serena participated in the SScIP (Summer Science Immersion Program) offered by the Keck Science Department and took a book arts class offered by the Scripps Summer Session. Although she has not stepped foot on campus as a student yet, she has met many amazing students through clubs and organizations such as AASP and Music Mania. In her free time, Serena loves to play the piano and is even taking private piano classes at Scripps!  

Ask me about: Keck science department, pre-health track, college application questions, piano classes at Scripps, making Scripps and non-Scripps friends online


Student Posing

Angela is a Junior from Houston, Texas studying Psychology. Other than working for Admissions, Angela is a barista at the Motley Coffeehouse and a student intern for the Dean of Students. She is also a part of Cafe Con Leche, the Latinx affinity CLORG that focuses on creating space for Latinx identifying students at Scripps. Angela is a proud member of QuestBridge Scholars chapter at Scripps, FirstGen@Scripps, Our Sound zine publication, and Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. She also volunteers for Learning in Collaboration (LINC) at Pomona College, which partners with under-resourced elementary schools to help students with their academic performance. LINC also helps to step outside of the Claremont College bubble! Over the summer Angela interned for the College Initiatives Team at Yes Prep Public Schools to help create events centered around college for low-income BIPOC high school students. In her free time, you can find her hanging out at the Coop or Motley, watching TikToks, embroidering, or playing chess. She loves laying on the huge patches of grass scattered around the 5Cs!  

Ask me about: Majoring in psychology, being first-generation and Latinx at Scripps, going to school out of state, the Motley, how the weather from Texas differs from Cali weather, anything you want!  


Angie Headshot

Angie is a Junior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Politics and minoring in Chinese on the pre-law track. In addition to her role in the Admissions Office, she is also a barista at the Motley Coffeehouse, a member on Scripps’ Judicial Board, and a Student Committee Representative on the Board of Trustees. She is also a member of Café con Leche, the Latinx student affinity group, the Questbridge Scholars chapter at Scripps, FirstGen@Scripps, and the 5C Fencing Club. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and currently “advanced” in Mandarin by Pomona’s standards. This summer, Angie interned for Bet Tzedek Legal Services, a non-profit law firm dedicated to serving low-income LA County residents at no cost. During her free time, Angie can be found knitting, watching movies, and yearning for Motley coffee.

Ask me about: majoring in Politics, minoring in Chinese, being first-generation and Latinx on campus, the Motley, being a student worker, which dining halls have the best meals, or whatever you want!


Aby Rivera Picture

Aby is a senior from Chicago, Illinois studying Chicanx/Latinx Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies on the Pre-Law track. Outside of working for the Office of Admission, Aby is also a coordinator at Scripps’ health and wellness center, The Tiernan Field House, she is also part of Residential Life and works as a Community Coordinator. Aby has also worked as a SCORE program intern, developing and implementing programs that promote social and political awareness with an emphasis on intersectionality. Aby is an active member of Café Con Leche, an organization for Scripps students that creates dialogue around the social, political, and economic issues that affect Latinx Students. This semester she was a research assistant for CENTRO Lab at Pomona College where she participated in conducting research to improve the disparities of Latinx and other under-served communities in the United States that result from mental health issues. For the past two summer’s she worked for Scripps College Academy, a college access program that seeks to bring resources to first-gen/low-income high school students to promote higher education. In her free time, Aby likes to cook, take HIIT and yoga classes with friends, drink coffee/tea in seal court, embroider, and dance!

Ask me about: Chicanx/Latinx Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, First-Gen at Scripps, Café con Leche, Residential Life, SCORE, Tiernan Field House, the Motley, Chiapas Support Committee, Going to college away from home, Research


Student Posing

Ana is a sophomore from Quito, Ecuador double majoring in Environmental Analysis Policy/Society Track and Foreign Languages -Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. As someone who loves meeting new people and fostering a sense of community Ana is involved in the Scripps International Community (SIC), Scripps Pre-Law Society, and International Place of the 5C’s. This year she is also a Community Coordinator and the Diversity and Inclusivity Chair on SAS (student body government) as well as sitting on the COVID Student Advisory Board and Co-Curricular Planning Group. You can usually find her at the Scripps pool reading for classes and hanging out with friends when she is not adding another event to her calendar. Her favorite class till now has been Italian Cinema with Sabrina Ovan her first semester at college, because who does not want to watch old classical Italian films, right? This past summer she was a Scripps This Summer Ambassador and was able to connect with incoming first-years and hopes to continue meeting more Scripps and perspective students. Reach out and ask all the questions you’d like about Scripps! Contáctala y hazle todas las preguntas que tengas de ScrippsScrivigli e fatte tutte le domande che avete di Scripps! Escrevê-la e fez todas às preguntas que você tem di Scripps! 

Ask me about: SIC/International Place and being international at the 5C’s, SAS, EA major, Foreign Languages major, Resident Life


Student Posing

Rinny is a rising sophomore from Rochester, Minnesota who is planning on majoring in Classics, minoring in Theater, and doing the Pre-Med track. Rinny is most involved in theater at Pomona, and is involved in acting, directing, and playwriting! She is also newly on the Spotlight Musical Theater Board, a musical theater group at the 5Cs that is interested in creating a welcoming and consistent environment for all people interested in musical theater, whether within the 5Cs or the community at large! Rinny is also a member of the 9th Street Hooligans acapella group and is involved in the 5CRPG club. When not doing theater or music, Rinny is passionate about medicine as well, and spent the last summer getting her EMT license and volunteering within her state. This semester she is working on getting published with the Mayo Clinic with research about healthcare inequities in America. During her free time, Rinny loves to writ.75 music, kickbox, sing, play video games or D&D, and annoy her friends.   

Ask me about: Theater, acapella, classics, learning Latin, playwriting opportunities, the pre-health and pre-med tracks, STEM classes, going to college out of state, D&D at the 5Cs, finding STEM-related opportunities at a liberal arts college