Admission Students

Admission Ambassadors
Caroline Albro ’22

Caroline is a senior from Atherton, CA, but her family recently moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, so she now calls the Gem State home. Prior to taking a gap year due to COVID-19, Caroline studied abroad at the London School of Economics. She’s returning to Scripps after two years away to complete her final year of studies in sociology. During her gap year, Caroline wrote for a local lifestyle magazine, learned how to ski, and held a marketing internship. This year, she’s looking forward to resuming work at the Admission Office, writing her thesis, continuing her marketing internship, and bothering her younger brother (an incoming sophomore at Pomona). In her free time, she likes to do pretty much anything outdoors, read, cook, and explore new places.

Ask me about: Taking a gap year, interning during the school year, working in tech or marketing, having a sibling at the Claremont Colleges, majoring at another Claremont College, majoring in sociology, studying abroad in London and for a full year

Sam Clark ’24

Sam is a sophomore from Wayzata, Minnesota, and is undecided in her major but is pretty set on a music minor. Sam has worked as an admissions ambassador, participated in voice lessons, and joined the club Blend last year. This coming year Sam hopes to enjoy the Motley, Seal Court, and The Tiernan Fieldhouse. During her free time, Sam enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and volunteering at an animal shelter, or just spending time with dogs.

Ask me about: Financial Aid, Core Curriculum, The joint music program, applying to Scripps, taking classes on other campuses, class registration, and  communicating with roommates


Siena Hinshelwood ’22

Siena is a senior from Half Moon Bay, California, majoring in History with a minor in Spanish. She is co-captain of the 5C Women’s Club Volleyball team and has spent several summers conducting research in economic history. Siena enjoys the outdoors, tea, dogs and cats, and working outside on Scripps’ beautiful campus. When not in class, you can find her in the Motley Coffeehouse or saying hi to the koi fish in Seal Court.

Ask me about: Humanities research, club sports, study spots at Scripps, the history department, making friends in college, and more!

Sydney Jackson ’23

Sydney is a junior from the Washington, DC area (DMV) majoring in Organismal Biology on the pre-veterinary track. Besides working with Admissions, Sydney can often be found doing homework by the pool at Tiernan Field House, grabbing a snack at the Motley, and hanging out with her friends from across the 5Cs. She is a mentor through the Office of Black Student Affairs and loves the opportunity to foster a supportive and engaged community of students of African descent at Scripps. She is also the Treasurer of the 5C Pre-Vet Club. Outside of classes, Sydney likes to explore the Claremont Village with friends, work out, bake sweet treats for friends and family, and of course, her weekly Target/Trader Joe’s run.

Ask me about: Organismal Bio, Keck Science Department, making friends at the other Claremont Colleges, pre-health, going to college far away from home, Office of Black Student Affairs, and anything else you can think of!


Nathalie Marx ’22

Nathalie is a senior from Eugene, Oregon. She is a Sociology and Legal Studies dual major hoping to do work at a restorative justice organization after graduating. Nathalie is part of the 5C Refugee Action Network; a club that travels to a local mosque and helps with English tutoring. She was a participant, and then crew member, for the reality-TV-inspired, “Survivor Club.” In addition to taking Inside-Out classes (classes held at a local prison with a combination of 5C students and currently incarcerated students), she has worked with the Justice Education Initiative at Pitzer College and the Prison Education Project, a Pomona nonprofit. Nathalie studied abroad in Chile, Nepal, and Jordan last fall with the SIT: IHP—Human Rights program and absolutely loved it. During her summers she has interned with places such as the Portland Public Defender’s Office and the New York-based organization, LIFE Camp, which focuses on gun violence prevention. In her free time, you can find Nathalie heading into Los Angeles to go to museums and the beach, having Monday-night Bachelor watch parties, and reading in the sun on Jaqua Quad! Nathalie took a leave of absence during the 2020-2021 school year but is excited to be back on campus to finish out her senior year!

Ask me about: Majoring off-campus, prison education work, study abroad experience, off-campus volunteer opportunities, summer internships/employment, and weekend adventures in the LA area.

Angie Navarro ’22

Angie is a senior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Politics, with subfield concentrations in U.S. Politics and International Relations, and minoring in Chinese (at Pomona). She is on a pre-law track. Angie also works at The Motley Coffeehouse as a Barista! When not working, Angie is a member of Café Con Leche (the Latinx affinity group on campus), FirstGen@Scripps, Scripps Questbridge Chapter, the Scripps Pre-Law Society, and the 5C Fencing Club. She is also a Board Member on Scripps’ Judicial Board. This past academic year, she was a Student Committee Representative on the Board of Trustees. When on campus, Angie likes drinking a Motley coffee/smoothie at the Seal Court and hanging out with friends at SCORE. In her free time, Angie likes watching movies with her friends, knitting, biking around campus, and partaking in Bob Ross Night at the Tiernan Field House.

Ask me about: Majoring in Politics, minoring in Chinese, being first-generation, Café Con Leche, Pre-Law, working at the Motley, Residential Life, having a minor off campus, and whatever you want!


Nancy Puente ’23

Nancy is a sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in Biochemistry. In addition to being an Admission Ambassador, Nancy is a member of Café con Leche, the Latinx student affinity group. Scripps’ Latinx affinity group helps provide a forum for discussion on economic, cultural, political, and social issues in the Latinx community within and beyond Scripps College. This community along with Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) has helped Nancy feel a sense of belonging within the Claremont Colleges and become part of a tight-knit familia. Nancy serves as a mentor for First-Generation at Scripps and Chicano Latino Student Affairs to help incoming students with the transition to college life. Her favorite part about Scripps is that she is able to expand her academic experience with insights into subjects beyond science that she would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about in-depth. Her favorite courses outside her major are Criminal Organizations and Gangs and Core’s Foreign Language and Culture Teaching Clinic (where I got to teach Spanish and some Nahuatl to a fifth-grade class). When I am not working, you can usually find me hanging out with my friends going out for boba tea, doing study sessions, and reading manga- I am currently reading Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen! She hopes to go sky diving one day!

Ask me about: Biochemistry major, going to college far from home, weekend adventures in Claremont, Café con Leche, Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA), First-Generation at Scripps, pre-med, student life, research at Keck Science department, peer-mentoring, and anything about the Scripps experience!

Louise Schiele ’24

Louise is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington intending to major in Spanish literature. When not in class or working for admissions, Louise can be found exploring campus after her first year online (her current favorite spots are the graffiti wall and seal court, but she finds a new one every day). She’s a member of PZ Threads, the sustainable fashion magazine for the 5Cs, and is very passionate about thrifting and modifying her own clothes. She also loves to sing and is excited to get involved with choir or acapella at the 5Cs soon. During her free time, Louise loves to read, lounge by the Scripps pool, and have dorm dance parties with her friends.

Ask me about: Financial aid, work-study, class registration, applying to Scripps, interviews, making friends at Scripps and on the 5C campuses, the Spanish department, and anything else!


Rinny Williamson ’23

Rinny is a junior from Rochester, Minnesota who is planning on majoring in Classics while on the Pre-Med track. Rinny is a member of the Spotlight Musical Theater Board, a musical theater group at the 5Cs. Through Spotlight, she became the creative director for The Moirai Project, an interactive fiction podcast. Rinny is also a member of the 9th Street Hooligans acapella group, and is an assisting officer on the 5CRPG club. Rinny is also passionate about medicine as well, and spent the last summer doing medical research, volunteering for a healthcare disparities group, and working as an EMT. During her free time, Rinny loves to make music, kickbox, sing, and play video games or D&D!

Ask me about: Theater, acapella, classics, playwriting opportunities, the pre-health and pre-med tracks, STEM classes, going to college out of state, D&D at the 5Cs, finding STEM-related opportunities at a liberal arts college