Admission Ambassadors

Spring 2024 Admission Ambassadors

Nana Amponsah ’26

Major: Biology
Minor: Foreign Languages

About me: Nana is a sophomore and an international student from Ghana. She is undecided on paper but currently pursues a major in Biology and a possible minor in foreign languages. Nana is a member of the Scripps International Community and the Women and Minority Voices in Stem Club. She is never missing but always hidden in the depths of books in the browsing rooms of Clark and Toll or probably a courtyard. Nana enjoys Zumba lessons, the gym, watching Korean dramas and spending time with friends amidst makeshift karaoke.

Ask me about: International Community, African Community, STEM majors, pre health track, research opportunities, residential life, Food spots, Korean dramas, literally anything!

Abby Barahona ‘25

Major: Public Policy and Spanish

About me: Abby is a senior from Mountain View, California. She is double majoring in Spanish here at Scripps and Public Policy at Claremont McKenna College. Outside of working in Admissions, Abby works as the Sustainability Assistant for the Office of Sustainability and leads a team of fellow plant-lovers as a Consultant for Claremont Sustainability Consulting. She is also a dancer, a barista at the Motley, and an avid participant in intramural sports (inner-tube waterpolo in the Fall and volleyball in the Spring!). In her free time, you can find Abby reading a book by the pool, having a picnic with friends on one of the many Scripps lawns, or taking a stroll to the village for the Sunday farmer’s market.

Ask me about: Double majoring, 5C consulting clubs, sustainability at Scripps, work-study, majoring off campus, study abroad, 5C dance opportunities, the Latinx community & Café con Leche.

Sam Clark ‘24

Major: Psychology
Minors: Music and Native American and Indigenous Studies  

About me: Sam is a senior from Minnesota, and she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in music as well as Native American and Indigenous Studies. She can often be found hanging out with friends in Seal Court and spending time with the affinity group she is president of, Blend. Sam enjoys sharing weekly meals with her friends to catch up and get to know all the dogs who are walking around campus!

Ask me about: Blend/SCORE/Affinity groups – Musical Theatre – Voice Lessons/ Joint music program – work-study – and leadership roles/opportunities on campus – Psychology Thesis.

Melina Durre ‘25

Major: Media Studies
Minor: Biology and German Studies

About me: Melina is a junior from the Los Angeles area pursuing a Media Studies major with a Biology minor. Outside of the admissions office, Melina is the Vice President of Student Affairs for Scripps Associated Students, a coordinator for the Asian American Sponsor Program, and is a Trivia Master for the weekly CMS trivia night. When not going to concerts, cheering for the CMS sports teams, or doing homework at one of the many computer labs on campus, Melina can be found eating at Kazama Sushi in the Claremont Village or catching a movie at the Laemmle Theater. 

Ask me about: Student Government, Asian American Affinity Groups, Intramural Sports, LA Area.

Maya Garcia ’25

Major: Politics
Minor: Economics

About me: Maya is a junior from Seattle, Washington. She misses the Seattle rain but enjoys being able to do her homework sitting in the sunshine even more. She is a first-generation college student and plans to major in Politics with a minor in either Economics or Africana studies. When not in class, you can find her watching the turtles in Seal Court, reading, or crocheting.

Ask me about: Being a first generation college student, being BIPOC at the 5c’s, going to college out-of-state.

Abigail Green ’27

Major: English (Creative Writing Emphasis)
Minor: French

About me: Abigail is a freshman from New York City. While she is undecided on paper, she plans to major in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and minor in French. She also plans to study abroad in France her junior year. Outside of the classroom, she is heavily involved in music. She takes violin lessons weekly and will join the orchestra next year. She also has a radio show on KSPC, the 5c college radio station, and is a member of Table Manners, the 5c DJ collective. You can always find her studying with friends at the Motley or doing yoga at Tiernan or in the village.

Ask me about: Participating in music while not a music major, my radio show, opportunities to publish your writing at the 5Cs, applying Early Decision I, and best places to thrift near Claremont 🙂

Isabel Gonzalez-Salgado ’27

Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish

About me: Isabel is a first-year student at Scripps College from Fontana, California, intending to major in Psychology and minor in Spanish. She values spending time with her amazing family (fun fact: she is the oldest of seven!) and awesome friends. When she’s not in class, Isabel can often be spotted studying at her #1 favorite place on campus, CP&R. She also loves going outside with the gorgeous scenery of Scripps, especially reading in the beautiful backyard garden of Revelle. Outside of the admission ambassador role, Isabel works as a College Mentor at Scripps College Academy and is involved with the Catholic Student Association at the McAllister Center.

Ask me about: Being in a living learning community (Wellness – Revelle House), the Catholic Student Association, working an on-campus job, studying Psychology & Spanish, or any of the resources here at Scripps!

Eleanor Henderson ’24

Major: Philosophy and Media Studies Dual Major 

About me: Eleanor is a senior dual-majoring in Philosophy and Media Studies. Originally from small town Los Alamos, New Mexico, she is loving her big California adventure. You can usually catch Eleanor making jokes and running bits with her friends as editor-in-chief of the satire paper, or jamming with her rock band in the underground music room at the 5Cs. You may also see her zooming off to LA–she has a studio session to record her songs with a producer! When she’s not doing those things, Eleanor can be found “doing work” in the Motley (which usually just means chatting with friends with her laptop open), TA-ing for Astronomy at Keck, and heading down to the village to see a movie with her friends.

Ask me about: Dual-majoring, being from a rural state, 5C music scene, 5C comedy scene, music and film industry in LA, fun stuff to do in LA, study abroad.

Alyssa Hernandez ’27

Major: Politics and Art
Minor: Biology

About me: Alyssa is a second-year from Socorro, NM, and intends to dual/double major in Art and Politics with a minor in Biology. Along with being an ambassador, Alyssa is a part of Cafe con Leche, a LatinX group, occasionally crochets with Babes N Blankets, and sometimes rises early to attend a Garden Club brunch. You can find her at Lang, Scripps’ Ceramic Studio, Room 402 in Honnold Mudd (when available, it has a nice view) or at the Motley getting her second coffee of the day. When she’s not in class, Alyssa often travels outside of Claremont to parts of LA to visit pop-up markets or enjoy concerts with friends.

Ask me about: Ask me about being First-Gen, Babes N Blankets, joining off-campus clubs, the Art Department, 5C Art, Cafe con Leche, working on and off-campus, and markets to visit during the weekends in LA!

Stella Holt Dupey ‘27

Major: American Studies
Minor: Politics

About me: Stella is a second-year student from Portland, Oregon, and is planning on majoring in American Studies with a Politics minor. She enjoys running, relaxing at Tiernan, wandering around the village, and keeping up with local politics. She plays for Weasels (5c Club Basketball), so if she’s not off at a tournament on the weekends, you can find her doing work by the pool, listening to music on the lawn, doing pilates or yoga, or on a day trip to the beach. Her favorite spots on campus include Tiernan Field House, the Motley Coffeehouse, and the GJW outdoor patio. On a warm night, you can usually find her on late-night walks with friends around the other 5cs.

Ask me about: 5c club sports, writing application essays, dorm life, joining 5c clubs, off-campus volunteer opportunities, getting into LA without a car, voting/voter registration.

Audrey Lee ‘25

Major: Biology
Data Science: Data Science

About me: Audrey is a third-year from Seattle, Washington who is majoring in Biology with a Data Science minor, while pursuing the pre-med track. Outside of working in Admissions, Audrey is a Coordinator for the Asian American Sponsor Program at Scripps and is an Ambassador for the Pre-Health Office at the Keck Science Department. She is also involved in biology research and has been a peer educator and TA for chemistry lab classes. Audrey loves spending time with her friends and taking walks around Scripps, especially through the rose garden and Margaret Fowler Garden. Her favorite spots on campus are the Motley and Denison Library. She also likes to spend her time hiking and exploring Claremont at the village and the other 5Cs!

Ask me about: Pursuing the pre-med track, studying STEM, doing research, the Asian American community, best dining halls, taking 5C classes, and the broader Scripps or 5C community!

Scarlette McCullough ‘24

Major: Anthropology

About me: Scarlette is a Senior from Lafayette, California (the East Bay). She is majoring in Anthropology and is writing her thesis this year. She loves to travel, be outdoors, hang out with friends, and listen to music and podcasts. At school, when she is not in class, you will find Scarlette going for runs in the neighborhoods just off campus with the Claremont Running Club, spending time outside in the warm southern California weather on one of the many lawns on campus, or going on late-night walks around the 5Cs with her friends. During her time at Scripps, she has also been a sprinter and field athlete on the CMS varsity track, lived in the French hall (a living-learning community in Scripps housing), and has been an orientation leader.

Ask me about: Applying Early Decision I, club sports, being on a DIII sports team, living in a learning community (language hall), having an on-campus job, majoring in anthropology, first-year and transfer orientation, group voice lessons, 5C life

Ahlam Negash ’27

Major: Mathematics and Economics
Minor: Media Studies

About me: Ahlam is a first-year student from Washington DC. She was born and raised in Ethiopia and speaks Amharic and Arabic. She is considering a double major in Mathematics and Economics with a Media Studies minor. Outside of the admissions office, she is also part of Scripps Media Services and Denison Library student staff. You will find her laying on the grass in front of Mallot on a sunny day or at the pool in Tiernan Field House.

Ask me about: Film, Campus events, Library resources, Movie recommendation, LA Art Scene.

Rashmi Ramchandra ’24

Majors: Economics and Politics

About me: Rashmi is a third-year from San Jose, California, which is situated in the Bay Area. She is a dual major in Economics and Politics. Her interests range from eating In-and-Out with friends to watching the Golden State Warriors, her home basketball team. When not in class, you can find Rashmi hanging out in the Dorsey living room with friends or taking a walk in the lovely Margaret Fowler Garden. Aside from working in admissions, Rashmi is a co-head of the Asian American Student Union [AASU] on campus, part of the Scripps Economics Society [SCES], and a Randall Lewis Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship [RLCIE] Fellow, a fellowship program at Claremont Mckenna College.

Ask me about: Participating in non-Scripps Clubs/5C wide clubs The economics and politics departments at Scripps Experience working an on-campus job Study Abroad

Malena Sparano ’26

Major: Linguistics
Minors: Anthropology and Chinese

About me: Malena is a second year from Monterey, CA, and is intending on majoring in Linguistics with minors in Anthropology and Chinese. Apart from the admissions team, Malena is on the board of the Scripps Mock Trial team, apart of Scripps’ Latine affinity group–Cafe Con Leche, and also plays on several intramural CMS teams. You can always find them on 3rd floor Honnold library or Pitzer mounds. Outside of class, Malena enjoys hanging out with friends on the green, going on night walks, and baking in Schow.

Ask me about: Off-Campus Major, Scripps Mock Trial and the Pre-Law Society, Intramural Sports, good cafes/restaurants in Claremont, Cafe con Leche, 5C dining!

Louise Schiele ‘24

Major: Cognitive Science and Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures majors

About me: Louise is a senior studying Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures at Scripps College, and Cognitive Science at Pomona College. Oustide of academics, she is a DJ at the 5C radio station, KSPC, and connoisseur of Malott’s Sunday avocado toast bar. She can usually be found spending hours on end at the Motley, taking her long walk through the campuses to the Radio station, or chatting with her suite mates on the balcony. If you see her walking backwards as she gives a tour, please warn her if she is about to trip over the roots of one of Scripps’ many citrus trees!

Ask me about: Majoring off campus, being a DJ, studying language at the 5Cs, and going to college out of state!

Suzie Dawn Stitt ’24
Any pronouns

Majors: Psychology and Dance

About me: Suzie Dawn is a senior from Brookline, MA, studying both psychology and dance. Other than working at the admissions office, they can be found doing gender and sexuality research, lifeguarding at the Tiernan Field House, or dancing in Groove Nation (a dance club at the 5C’s!). Suzie Dawn loves spending time going on hikes, swimming, or dancing around at a local thrift store. You may even see her crocheting on their way to classes! Suzie Dawn is really excited to start her dance senior thesis this year and work closely with advisors on projects they find important!

Ask me about: Transferring schools! Dance and performance offerings, going to school far from home, research opportunities, the 5C social life, joining clubs, and how to make the best iced coffee in the dining halls

Jannat Verma ’26

Majors: Politics and American Studies
Minor: Spanish

About me: Jannat is a sophomore hoping to dual or double major in Politics and American Studies. Outside of class they can be spotted doing homework in Denison library, or spending time with friends in the Motley or Cafe 47. They are also involved with the Pomona Model UN team and other club teams on campus.

Ask me about: Politics Major, American Studies Major, Spanish minor, summer research, Model UN, being an out of state student, being a student of color at a primarily white institution (pwi), cats on campus, concerts and community events to attend around the schools.

Frances Walton ’26

Major: English
Minor: Biology

About me: Frances is a second-year student from the North Orange County area (Fullerton, specifically). She is planning on majoring in English and minoring in Biology but has yet to declare! In addition to working in admissions, Frances is an RC (Residential Coordinator, basically an RA), leads for Scripps O.W.L. (Outdoor Women’s Leadership Organization), writes at The Scripps Voice as a copy editor, and works in the greater area as a busser at a Neapolitan Pizzeria. When she isn’t procrastinating with her friends in the Toll Browsing Room, Frances could be spotted chowing down on Elm Tree lawn, running to catch the Metrolink, or reading at Laguna Beach!

Ask me about: Journalism on campus, work-study, the accommodations process, dorm life, the greater LA area, interdisciplinary interests, pre-orientation programs, working off-campus, first-year experience

Anqi Yang ’27

Major: Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
Minor: Media Studies

About me: Angie is a sophomore and an international student from Shanghai. She’s likely to major in PPE. Other than being a student ambassador, she’s involved in the Asian American Sponsor Program at Scripps and the Student Chapter of the Thomistic Institute at the Claremont Colleges. She enjoys late-night driving with her friends to get boba, holding intellectual debates at residential halls, wandering around the village, and watching film analyses.

Ask me about: Majoring off-campus, cross-registration at the 5Cs, Scripps Philosophy department, the best coffee shops, fun things to do in the village, the experience of being an international student, and the Student Chapter of the Thomistic Institute