5C Dance Shows

Hi everyone! I’m CJ, a junior here at Scripps studying neuroscience and dance. One of my favorite things about being a student here is the 5C dance department. Scripps and Pomona each have their own departments, but many of our shows and classes feature students from all 5Cs. In fact, this past weekend, we had our joint fall dance concert: “In the Works.” This show happens every year towards the end of the first semester and features all student choreography. This semester we actually had two separate programs because there were so many pieces. As long as you have taken a dance composition class (or are currently taking one), you have the opportunity to choreograph for the show! We host auditions early on in the semester where a few choreographers teach some movement. If you show interest, chances are you’ll get selected for a piece, regardless of your previous dance experience. 

This past weekend was my third time participating in “In the Works” and my second time choreographing for this show. I’ve found a real love for choreography through this process and love the chance to create pieces with my friends. 

Other than “In the Works,” we also have the Scripps Dance and Pomona Dance concerts in the spring. These shows also feature works from student choreographers, professors, and guest artists. Often, these shows will have senior theses from the graduating dance majors. I’ve been able to participate in each show and I always have a blast! I’ve made some of my closest friends through these shows! 

In addition, throughout the year, there will be guest artist performances and more casual opportunities to showcase choreography. I’ve been to a few dance shows featuring a broad range of dancers from the greater LA area. I can’t recommend participating in the dance department enough!