STRIVE Program

Scripps College Academy student standing in front of Denison Doors

Once students graduate from High School, they transition to our STRIVE Program (Successful, Talented, Resilient, Impactful, Vocal, Empowered), which began in 2016 in an effort to continue building the confidence and skills of our Scholars to be successful college students who create positive and lasting change.

The STRIVE program follows Scholars throughout their undergraduate journey and offers various resources and networking opportunities with the ultimate goal of achieving college completion.

Semester Check-Ins

SCA schedules check-in calls every semester with Scholars to touch base on their college transition and journey. Our check-in calls provide an opportunity to connect with scholars nationwide, identify any areas where support is needed, and to highlight any Scholar accomplishments. These calls are offered to all Scholars, regardless of which institution they attend.

Institution Specific Events

Every semester, students have the opportunity to attend an SCA lunch/dinner at their respective campus. These events provide a space for Scholars to meet SCA peers at their schools, build community, network, and share resources. Virtual campus lunches/dinners are organized for scholars attending institutions located outside of Southern California.

Care Packages

Care packages are sent to our Scholars at the end of each semester as a way to continue supporting them through their college journey. Each year we send over 200 care packages nationwide.

Summer Summit

Each summer, Scholars are invited to come back to the Scripps College campus for a day of workshops and networking. Workshops cover a variety of topics including financial literacy, career exploration, and resume building. Scholars have the opportunity to reconnect with peers from their high school summer cohort, as well as meet others pursuing similar fields of study.

SCA LinkedIn Group

The SCA LinkedIn group is a space for Scholars, alumnae, faculty, and staff of the Scripps College Academy to connect, network, and share resources and opportunities. This is a welcoming community space that fosters continuous professional and career growth. Find us on LinkedIn here