Introducing The Academy

Introducing the AcademyScripps College is pleased to welcome five graduates of its Scripps College Academy (SCA) to the class of 2013 — and they’re just as pleased to be here.

“I had no idea what to expect from a small college campus,” says Jasmine Johnson. “I found professors who loved their careers and taught with a zeal I had never seen before. I met students who took pride in their school and were eager to share their experience with others. Making the decision to enroll was simple.”

“An English teacher recommended me for the SCA program in my sophomore year of high school,” adds Lyanne Dominguez. “It was an amazing experience; it gave me the sense that women have the potential to be leaders in our world and make a difference. I was captivated by Scripps at 15. Now, at 18, I am eternally thankful SCA opened the doors for my education.”

The Scripps College Academy was founded as a means of promoting excellence among young first generation, college-bound students from underserved schools in the greater Los Angeles area. Students participate in a two-week Summer Residential Program on the Scripps College campus, giving Academy members the chance to experience what it’s like to live and study at a private liberal arts institution. In the years following the residential experience, Academy participants engage in book clubs, college preparation workshops, tutoring sessions, and placement exam classes.

Since 2005, 14 Scripps College Academy participants have matriculated to Scripps College. The five, who also includeJessica Baker, a James E. Scripps Scholar and Amy Tran, a talented science student, speak to the growing strength of this innovative program.

“We’re thrilled to have them on campus,” says Academy director Kelly Hewitt. “They are such talented women, and very much an important part of the Scripps community.”

“I knew almost nothing about liberal arts colleges before the academy,” says Anna-Marie Wood. “Everything about it — the application process, the clubs, the field trips, even just talking to Kelly — helped.”

Lyanne echoes those sentiments. “SCA helped overcome my fears of college with its resources, network of strong women, and coordinators who are willing to help. I had always planned on continuing to college; through the qcademy I became so attached to Scripps I knew it was where I wanted to apply.”

“I was blessed to work with Professor Amy Marcus-Newhall [during Academy],” says Jasmine. “I remember her enthusiasm and love for the job, and how interesting and enjoyable she made psychology.

“She forced me to think in ways I’d never done before. When Academy was over, I quickly proclaimed I’d major in psychology — and that proclamation is now a reality.”

Scripps Academy continues to chart new territory as it reaches out to the community. While the program certainly helps scores of women every year sort through the stress and complexities of applying to college, Scripps College is also nourished with outstanding new students.