Christina Edholm

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Department: Mathematics
Office Address: Miller 107
Office Phone: (909) 607-1772
Personal Website:
Christina Edholm

Academic History

  • Postdoctoral Associate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    Co-Advisors: Richard Rebarber and Brigitte Tenhumberg
  • M.S. Mathematics, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • B.A. Mathematics, Willamette University, Salem, OR

Areas of Expertise

I am an applied mathematician who focuses on mathematical biological questions and analysis. Two main areas of my research are invasive species control and epidemiological modeling. The models are formulated using difference equations, ordinary differential equations, continuous time Markov chains, or stochastic differential equations to characterize interactions between populations. I use a variety of different mathematical and computational tools to perform analysis on the models. In most problems I strive to understand the dynamics and gain insight to manage the populations.

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Personal Interests

I enjoy spending time with my puppy and partner. Additionally, traveling around the local area along with trips outside of the country. To unwind I enjoy a good book or watching a movie or TV show.

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Selected Research and Publications

  • Nika Shakiba, Christina J. Edholm, Blessing O. Emerenini, Anarina L. Murillo, Angela Peace, Omar Saucedo, Xueying Wang, Linda J. S. Allen, Effects of environmental variability on superspreading transmission events in stochastic epidemic models for MERS and Ebola, Infectious Disease Modeling (2021)
  • Danielle Burton, Suzanne Lenhart, Christina J. Edholm, Benjamin Levy, Michael L. Washington, Bradford R. Greening Jr., K. A. Jane White, Edward Lungu, Obias Chimbola, Moatlhodi Kgosimore, Faraimunashe Chirove, Marilyn Ronoh, M. Hellen Machingauta, A Mathematical Model of Contact Tracing During the 2014-2016 West African Ebola Outbreak, Mathematics (2021), 9(6) 608
  • Christina J. Edholm, Scott Le Fevre, Suzanne Lenhart, Benjamin Levy, Theresia Marijani, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Farai Nyabadza, Mathematical Modeling of Buruli Ulcers Disease Dynamics in Ghana, In Mathematics of Planet Earth: Protecting Our Planet, Learning from the Past, Safeguarding for the Future, Springer, (2019) 109-128
  • Christina J. Edholm, Blessing O. Emerenini, Anarina L. Murillo, Omar Saucedo, Nika Shakiba, Xueying Wang, Linda J. S. Allen, Angela Peace, Searching for superspreaders: Identifying epidemic patterns associated with superspreading events in stochastic models, In Understanding Complex Biological Systems with Mathematics, vol 14. Springer, (2018) 1-29
  • Christina J. Edholm, Richard Rebarer, Brigitte Tenhumberg, Chris Guiver, Stuart Townley, Yu Jin, Management of Invasive Insect Species using Optimal Control Theory, Ecological Modelling 381 (2018): 36-45.
  • Levy, B., Edholm, C., Gaoue, O., Kaondera-Shava, R., Kgosimore, M., Lenhart, S., Lephodisa, B., Lungu, E., Marijani, T., Nyabadza, F., Modeling the role of public health education in Ebola virus disease outbreaks in Sudan, Infectious Disease Modelling, (2017)
  • Chris Guiver, Christina Edholm, Yu Jin, Markus Mueller, Jim Powell, Richard Rebarber, Brigitte Tenhumberg, Stuart Townley, Simple adaptive control for positive linear systems with applications to pest management. SIAM J. Appl. Math., 76(1), (2016), 238D275
  • Tyler Massaro, Christina J. Edholm, Rachel Grotheer, Isabel Chen, Yiqiany Zheng, Howard Chen, Simone C. Gray, A county-level analysis of persons living with HIV in the southern United States, Taylor & Francis Online, (2015)
  • Christina J. Edholm, Leslie Hogben, My Hyunh, Josh Lagrange, Darren Row, Vertex and edge spread of zero forcing number, maximum nullity, and minimum rank of a graph, Linear Algebra and its Application 436 (2012): 4352-4372

Courses Taught

  • CORE 3 SC - Living in a World of Numbers
  • MATH 030 SC - Calculus I
  • MATH 032 SC - Calculus III
  • MATH 60 SC - Linear Algebra
  • MATH 183 SC - Modeling and Simulation

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