Designed by architect Sumner Hunt of Los Angeles, Janet Jacks Balch Hall is completed in fall and becomes the primary academic facility. The building is a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Allan C. Balch of Los Angeles, and named in honor of trustee Janet Jacks Balch. Today Balch Hall is the administrative center and the adjoining auditorium is a key location for lectures, plays, community meetings, convocations, and musical events. Ellen Browning Residence Hall is finished. Although she did not wish to have a building named for her, this hall bears the first two names of Miss Scripps and is dedicated to the memory of her brother, Edward W. Scripps. Manana Court, the central courtyard within Browning Hall, earns its name because the original vegetation planted is almost entirely native to Mexico. (Today, the courtyard boasts both Mexican and native California plants.)