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Megan Lewis in Australia

Scripps students study across the globe while participating in SAGE programs. Let these returnees tell you more about the experience by reading through their profiles below, with the most recent entries appearing at the top. No two stories are alike so enjoy them all!

Study Program
Alexandra Feldhausen Brazil
Jerrika Anderson Edwards Senegal
Annsley McKinney Spain
Amy Hilman Israel
Megan Lewis Australia
Leila Alhamoodah England
Lia Seth Washington, DC
Sarah Smilkstein Mali
Anna Fiastro Ecuador
Nora Bright Japan
Allison Kupsco Morocco
Brigid Meints South Africa
Asumi Ohgushi India
Erin Coleman Austria
Vivien Maltez Ireland
Claire Mullen Bolivia
Marissa Enfield Denmark
Laura Hoverson Denmark
Mimi Kennelly France
Kat Shultis Hungary