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Please use this form to have your Scripps College or 5C event announcement included on the Scripps Calendar and/or the Events Digest email. You may submit your information as far in advance as you wish and need only submit it once; any changes after submission may be handled by emailing the Public Events Office. The Events Digest will be emailed to the Scripps community weekly, on Sundays. Submissions must be received at least four weeks in advance of your event. For questions about the Events Digest, contact For questions about Inside Scripps, contact Please note:
  • 5C events will not be considered for the website calendars unless there is a partnership with Scripps College through students, faculty, or staff.

Please include a short description of the program and a brief presenter biography.
Example: Claudia Rankine’s Citizen uses a poetic frame to uncover an insidious racism embedded in the everyday, from Main Street USA to the lecture halls of the Ivory Tower. An offhand comment or a helpful call from a neighbor can carry ominous weight, as Rankine’s observations move from bewilderment to disappointment to quiet ire. Citizen is a true revelation—it leaves its readers unsettled, moved, and changed with every page.

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