Melanie Rawn '75

Location: Arizona
Major(s) and Minor(s): European History

What have you done since graduation?

Until 1987, I worked as a pharmacy clerk, music store manager, teacher, editor, and in publications. Since 1987 I have had seventeen novels published.

How do you think majoring in history or taking history classes has mattered to you?

My genre is fantasy fiction. When creating a whole new world—everything from geography to artwork, economics to fashions, systems of government to varieties of religion to what they eat for breakfast—there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, more helpful than to have a background in history.

I didn’t know it at the time, but all during college I was training for what became my profession.

Do you have any particular memories of faculty or classes that you can share?

Well, I should have known what I’d end up doing when a fellow student responded to a paper I did for a class on Napoleon Bonaparte with, “Have you ever considered writing novels?” I add that the paper was a narrative describing the marriage of Napoleon and Marie Louise of Austria, his second wife—which has probably been done up as a novel by somebody!

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