Katie Galli Holden '06

Katie Galli Holden

Location: Illinois
Major(s) and Minor(s): History minor; European Studies minor
Thesis title and/or topic/description: “Reconciling Religion and Revolution: Church State Relations in Cuba, 1959-2000”

What have you done since graduation?

Since graduating Scripps, I've worked for a variety of non-profits and community development organizations. This has included working for an international micro-finance organization, helping start a non profit to help provide alternative employment for sex workers in South East Asia, and most recently, working as the Director for a community non-profit that serves low-income students. I'm currently focusing my energy investing in my community through building relationships with neighbors and volunteering with different non-profits, as I raise my very curious toddler.

How do you think majoring in history or taking history classes has mattered to you?

As I've said in almost every job interview I've had, I think majoring in history helped give me the skills to do almost anything. It was a particularly good fit to prepare me to work with diverse populations through the non-profit sector. It helped me develop skills in reading, research, and most importantly learning to understand different perspectives and worldviews. It also honed my communication skills. It continues to serve me as a mother, as I've been able to draw on parenting tactics from many cultures and as I seek to raise my daughter with a knowledge of the world around her.

Are you available to speak to current students or alumnae?

I'm happy to speak with students, but am currently not a great source for internship or employment opportunities. I would be especially delighted to talk to students about how a history degree can help prepare them for work in the non-profit sector.

Please contact Julie Liss if you would like to connect with this alumna.

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