Visiting Artists and Speakers

A small department honoraria line supports faculty to invite local artists or out-of-town artists already visiting Los Angeles to speak in their classes. This has included: Kim Abeles, Leslie Bostrom, Deborah Bright, Samara Caughey, Ricardo Dominquez, Adriene Jenik, David Joselit, Linda Kroff, Sheree Rose Levine, Beverly Mageri, Jason Meadows, Richard Notkin, Rita Robillard and Lincoln Tobier. An endowed fund created by the class of ’42 supports the digital art program to invite speakers and consultants in digital imaging, web art and design, new media and media studies such as Diana Kunce, Angie Lee, Luci Napier, Lorelei Pepi, Cornelia Sollfrank and Jody Zellen. The Scripps Press also has an endowed fund for the Frederic W. Goudy Lecture Series, in which a specialist in the book art world is invited to give a two-day workshop and lecture each semester. Recent visitors have included: Franklin Mowery, Head Conservator at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.: Wilson Schilling, a letterpress printer/binder from Minneapolis; and Steve Miller, a book artist from the University of Alabama.

Speaker Series

For over a decade, the Art Department has produced a speaker series with funding from the Harper Lecture Fund (or other lecture funds). The series, organized by different professors, has attracted students and faculty from all areas of the Claremont Colleges. These visitors often also take time from their busy schedules to do studio visits with our studio art majors. Previous visitors have included: Mark Burns, Timothy Druckrey, Charles LaBelle, Yong Soon Min, and Carolee Schneemann. Working with the Art Department, the Williamson Gallery has also invited our alumnae in the arts. The first in this series were Alison and Lezley Saar, whose talk coincided with an exhibition of their work. In recent years, the gallery, though its Ceramics Annual, has invited Peter Plagens and Richard Shaw to speak to the Claremont community.

The Art Department works in conjunction with other programs, departments, and colleges to bring a wide range of visiting artists and speakers to Claremont, and visual artists are also regularly included in The Humanities Institute programs. In the spring of 2000, Scripps hosted Barbara Kruger for one week as an artist-in-residence funded by the Weigand Foundation as part of a five-college program focusing on media. This was preceded by an all-college field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see her 1999 retrospective. The Art Department had also organized field-trips to see many other important exhibitions such as: Adrian Piper: A Retrospective, and Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution, both held at MoCA, in Los Angeles, and Diane Arbus: Revelations at LACMA, just to name a few.

Past Visiting Artists and Speakers


  • Christina West
  • Christian Tedeschi
  • Brittany Mojo
  • Katherine L. Ross
  • Georgie Flood
  • Anna Delgado
  • Soo Shin


  • Chris Miller
  • Thomas Müller
  • Nikki Renee Anderson
  • Cassils
  • Louis Brawley
  • Sue Oehme
  • Andre Bradley J.
  • Catherine Bebout
  • Helen Hester
  • Sue McNally
  • Laura A. Wellen
  • Omar Kholeif
  • Michael Arcega
  • Kate Hampel
  • Sita Bhaumik
  • Kat and Roger
  • Catherine Fairbanks
  • Kari Marboe
  • Christian Tedeschi
  • Alison Petty Ragguette
  • Steve Daly


  • Packard Jennings
  • Irene Chan, multidisciplinary artist
  • Esteban Pulido
  • Kristen Morgin
  • Ariel Brice
  • Charlie Schneider
  • Esteban Pulido


  • Joan Pearlman, painter and video artist
  • Julio Cesar Morales


  • Arden Alger, Professor of Art, Lighting workshop
  • Stacey Davies, Women of Hollywood
  • Zackary Drucker
  • Linda Lopez
  • Barbara Robertson, digital animation artist


  • Stacey Davies, Women of Hollywood
  • Carolina Miranda, art critic and blogger


  • Diana Al-Hadid
  • Aurore Chabot
  • Sarah Daleiden
  • Martin Kersels
  • Charles Long
  • Michael Jones Mckean
  • Primoz Novak and Nika Oblak


  • Nina T. Becker
  • Zoe Crosher
  • Dorit Cypis
  • Alyse Emdur
  • Andrea Fraser
  • Harry Gamboa Jr.
  • Kori Newkirk
  • Vincent Ramos
  • Florencio Zavala


  • Karen Atkinson, Professor of Art, California Institute of the Arts, GYST Workshop. (Workshop)
  • Zoe Crosher
  • Carlee Fernandez
  • Kori Newkirk
  • Vincent Ramos
  • Dont Rhine
  • Franzie Weldgen
  • Charlie White


  • Walead Beshty, Core Faculty in the Graduate Art Program, Art Center College of Design
  • Vera Brunner-Sung
  • Kianga Ford
  • Liz Glynn
  • Sherin Guirguis
  • Stephanie Hutin
  • Trevor Paglen
  • Byron Kim
  • Haven Lin-Kirk, Area Head of Design, University of Southern California-Gayle Garner Roski School of Fine Arts. (Workshop)
  • Margaret Morgan
  • Allison Petty Ragguette, Professor of Ceramics at California State University San Bernardino. (Ceramics)
  • Anders Ruhwald, Artist-in-Residence and Head of the Ceramics Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. (Ceramics)
  • Kelly Sears (Video/New Media)


  • Karen Atkinson, Professor of Art, California Institute of the Arts, GYST Workshop. (Workshop)
  • CamLab
  • Patrick Holbrook, video/installation artist. (Video/New Media)
  • Charles Krafft, ceramic sculptor. (Ceramics)


  • Kelly Barrie
  • Joyce Cambell
  • Juli Carson (Art Historian/Curator)
  • Aram Moshayedi (Art Historian/Curator)
  • Kori Newkirk
  • Io Palmer, Assistant Professor of Art Washington State University


  • Kaucyila Brooke, Cal Arts, interdisciplinary artist
  • Catherine Lord, University of California Irvine, author and interdisciplinary artist.


  • Joyce Kohl, Professor of Art (sculpture and ceramics) at California State University, Bakersfield. (Ceramics)
  • Richard Shaw, Northern California master of trompe-l’oeil ceramic sculpture. (Ceramics)


  • Mark Bradford, mixed media artist. Speaker series.
  • Karen Koblitz, Professor of Ceramics at USC, and Curator of the Scripps 2003 Ceramic Annual. (Ceramics)
  • Kevin McCoy, New York based cybermedia artist, who creates extensive installations and video databases in collaboration with his wife Jennifer. March 2003. (Video/New Media)
  • Barbara Robertson, digital/traditional printmaker from Seattle, whose then residency at Kala in Berkeley allowed her to come down to Scripps with a portfolio of work in progress for students to study.
  • Sue Taylor, Professor of Art History, Portland State University. Speaker series. (Art Historian/Curator)
  • Mario Ybarra Jr., interdisciplinary artist.


  • Cathy Davies, new media artist. Visiting artist. (Video/New Media)
  • Jeanne Finley, video artists. Speaker series. (Video/New Media)
  • Nguyen Tan Hoang, video artist. (Video/New Media)
  • Linda King, drawing and installation artist. Academic year.
  • Simon Leung, mixed media artist.
  • Eric Loyer, new media artist. Speaker series. (Video/New Media)
  • Brad Miller, ceramics artist and wood sculptor. (Ceramics)
  • Steven Nelson, Assistant Professor of Art History, UCLA. Co-sponsored with the Intercollegiate Dept. in Black Studies (Art Historian/Curator)
  • Nils Norman, mixed media artist.
  • Ann Page, ceramic artist. (Ceramics)
  • Jessica Rath, visual artist dealing with issues of sitespecificity and history, in sculpture, installations and performances. Visiting artist, academic year.
  • Lynn Sachs (Video/New Media)


  • Susan Chorpenning, NY based sculptor and light installation artist. Academic year.
  • Critical Art Ensemble, multimedia collective. Speaker series, Academic year.
  • Amy Ellingson ’86, “Ten Years Out.” Academic year.
  • Vince Golveo, mixed media artist. Visiting artist, Academic year.
  • Marc Herbst, A practioner of the plastic arts, Herbst studies both the poetic and political through efforts in different forms and locations that play with disjunctures between the phenomenological moment and historic perspectives. Visiting artist, Academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • Mildred Howard, “Architecture for the Remainder” mixed media and installation artist. Academic year.
  • Jessica Irish, new media artist. Visiting artist, Academic year (Video/New Media)
  • Michael Lobel, Getty Research Institute Fellow / Assistant Professor of Modern Art, Bard College. Co-sponsored with the Pomona Art History program. (Art Historian/Curator)
  • Anayansi Prado, filmmaker. Visiting artist, Academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • James Shackelford, Former Dean of the School of Engineering at UC Davis,” Ceramics: Proof that Art and Science [and Engineering] are One.” Academic year.
  • Sarah Whiting, Associate Professor of Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, November 2001. (Architecture)


  • Ricardo Dominguez, new media artist. Visiting artist, academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • Carol Gehring, visual artist. Visiting artist, academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • Annetta Kapon, multimedia artist. Visiting artist, academic year.
  • Barbara Kruger, artist-in-residence (one week), funded by the Weigand Foundation
  • William Lebeda, motion graphics artist. Visiting artist, academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • Cornelia Sollfrank, new media artist. Speaker series, academic year. (Video/New Media)


  • Nancy Buchanan, video artist. Speaker series, academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • Shu Lea Cheang, new media artist. Speaker series, academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • Adriene Jenik, new media artist. Speaker series, academic year. (Video/New Media)
  • RTMark, new media collective. Speaker series, academic year. (Video/New Media)

Erma O’Brien Scholar in Residence


In conjunction with the exhibition Women and Print: A Contemporary View (Fall, 2014), we invited Bernice Ficek-Swenson, Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and Rita Robillard, Professor Emerita of Art at Portland State University, to each visit Scripps for a week. Each artist gave two public lectures and a workshop in printmaking. Ficek-Swenson presented her work in photogravure and gave a workshop in photo polymer printing. Robillard presented her mixed media silk-screen work and gave a workshop in advanced mixed-media uses of silkscreen.


Mildred Howard was the first Erma O’Brien Scholar in Residence at Scripps. Professor Howard was on Scripps campus for the month of March. During that time she gave a public lecture (co-sponsored by the Department of Black Studies); held weekly salons to discuss the “Soul of America”; gave a series of plaster casting workshops to students in an off-campus studio in Upland; attended the Moving Between Media class weekly to work with students on some her projects; met with students individually to critique their work; and participated in our senior walk-thru critiques. Professor Howard was an active presence who gave the students much to think about; challenging them in a direct yet sensitive manner and modeling for them what it means to be a professional artist.