Scripps College in the Next Decade: Leading with Excellence

The paramount obligation of a college is to develop in its students the ability to think clearly and independently, and the ability to live confidently, courageously, and hopefully.

– Ellen Browning Scripps

Distinctive and Challenging Curriculum

Our founder’s words direct the College to develop students’ intellectual and moral capacities. In pursuit of this mission, the College values a diverse community of distinguished scholars and extraordinary students from around the world.The College prepares its graduates to apply their intellects, talents, and principles in public and private lives of integrity, service, leadership, and creativity. Entrusted with work that vitally affects the lives of its students and community, Scripps College trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff conduct the College’s affairs in accordance with these standards.

Scripps is committed to academic excellence through a distinctive and challenging core curriculum based on interdisciplinary studies combined with rigorous training in the liberal arts.This course of study teaches students to think clearly in defining questions from a variety of perspectives and to develop critical approaches for the pursuit of knowledge. By requiring a senior thesis based on research in the major, the College stimulates independent thought and a lifelong commitment to original inquiry.

Our mission speaks explicitly to issues of character and personal virtue; therefore, the College teaches within and outside the classroom in ways likely to produce graduates who live the qualities embodied by Ellen Browning Scripps.

The College actively engages women in academic life and expects them to be rigorous in pursuit of their goals. Insisting upon integrity in all aspects of community life, the College also provides opportunities for students to excel in athletics; student governance, publications, and businesses; community engagement; political and social discourse; and other aspects of a residential college. In these ways, Scripps students gain confidence in their judgments, abilities, and principles.

Scripps women learn by testing their principles and knowledge through action and reflection and by participating in a community that values ethical leadership, mutual respect, and vigorous debate.As a result, students develop the courage of their convictions to take risks and to live up to their full potential.

As the premier women’s college in the western United States, Scripps College is ideally positioned to educate women leaders for the 21st century.The College community, a steward of the legacy of Ellen Browning Scripps, owes special duties to the Claremont University Consortium. Our legacy also mandates that the College provide educational leadership locally, nationally, and internationally.

In today’s global society, opportunities for women to demonstrate leadership have never been more promising, and the challenges have never been more daunting. Scripps students prepare to embrace opportunities and challenges through studying cultures and values that reflect the broad range of human experience over time. Scripps promotes awareness of women’s roles and responsibilities for human rights and the sustainability of life on this planet. Scripps College students pursue their dreams with confidence, courage, and hope.