Reporting to the College

The College strongly encourages Scripps students who believe they have been subjected to sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, or other discriminatory behavior or who has witnessed such behavior to contact the Title IX Coordinator to explore your reporting and support options. Students also have the option of submitting an incident report.

The Scripps College Title IX team is responsible for:

  • Helping survivors find support that is right for them
  • Meeting with survivors to help them understand their options under the relevant Title IX policy
  • Coordinating with law enforcement as needed
  • Coordinating the investigation of complaints of sexual misconduct or other harassing behavior
  • Establishing appropriate interim measures
  • Working with survivors as they go through the Title IX process
  • Working with the Title IX teams at other institutions in the Consortium to handle cross-campus claims. Click here for more information on cross-campus cases.
  • Monitoring, compliance, and reporting activities
  • Helping to design and implement the College’s educational and training programs related to Title IX and sexual misconduct
  • Representing the College at the 7C Title IX Coordinators Working Group (which Scripps currently chairs)

If you would like to submit an incident report, click here.

Working with the Title IX Team: Protecting Your Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Safeguarding your privacy: The members of the Scripps Title IX team are committed to safeguarding your privacy. They will only share information about an incident of sexual misconduct with others on a need-to-know basis.
  • Safeguarding your confidentiality: The Title IX team is there to help if you find yourself in a difficult situation as a result of a sexual assault. We want you to feel safe contacting them and to be able to do so in a way that preserves the level of control you need. Making a report to the Title IX team does not mean that the survivor’s identity is shared with the alleged perpetrator or the alleged perpetrator’s college. Except in the very limited circumstance in which there is an ongoing threat to the Scripps or Claremont Colleges community, the Scripps Title IX team will not disclose to the alleged perpetrator or that person’s college your identity or information that you provide about the incident without your consent. This requires that the Title IX team assess the circumstances to determine whether there is an ongoing threat to the community, such as a risk of the alleged perpetrator committing additional acts of sexual or other violence. Remember there are also confidential report resources available such as Monsour.

Meeting with a Member of the Title IX Team: Logistics

Making an Appointment: Because protecting privacy is a priority, meetings with the Title IX team are by appointment only.

Schedule an appointment by calling the Title IX office at (909) 607-7142 or emailing Sally Steffen, Title IX Coordinator. Do not hesitate to leave a voicemail or send an email at any time. A member of the team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Title IX Offices Location: Scripps College has dedicated Title IX offices located in the lower level of McAlister, 919 North Columbia Ave.

Getting there: You may enter McAlister through the main entrance and follow signs to the offices via the elevators or stairs. When you get to the door, please knock, as it is kept locked for privacy purposes.

If you’d prefer to enter the offices more privately, from the McAlister parking lot, walk south on the sidewalk, make a right at 9th Street, then make a right at the Scripps College Faculty Offices sign. Go down the first set of stairs and ring the doorbell. Again, the offices are kept locked for privacy purposes.