Sustainability at Scripps


Campus Guides

Clubs and Organizations

  • SAS Sustainability/Environmental Committee
  • Student Garden Club
  • Scripps Environmental Education and Development (SEED), a.k.a Scripps Environmental Club
  • Ocean Initiative Club
  • 5C Environmental Clubs (CMC Environmental Affairs Committee, SSPEAR, ESW/MOSS, A Cleaner Tomorrow, EcoCenter, Divest Pomona, Native Habitat and Community Club)
  • Green Bikes Program

Administrative Departments

  • Grounds
  • Maintenance
  • Dining Services
  • Sallie Tiernan Field House
  • IT

Community Partnerships

  • San Antonio High School
  • Sustainable Claremont
  • Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens

5C Resources

  • Pomona College: Sustainability Integration Office
  • Pomona Farm
  • HMC: Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design
  • Pitzer: Robert Redford Conservancy
  • CMC: Roberts Environmental Center
  • Bernard Field Station