Office of Student Affairs

Charlotte Johnson
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Samuel Haynes
Associate Dean of Campus Life
(909) 621-8277

Sally Steffen
Title IX Coordinator
(909) 607-7142

Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez (Section 504 Coord. for students)
Sr. Assistant Dean of Academic Resources and Services and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(909) 621-8277

Jesse Estevez
On Call Supervisor
(909) 607-8803

Deborah Gisvold
Director of the Tiernan Field House
(909) 607-8810

Evetth Gonzalez
Student Activities Coordinator
(909) 607-9380

Kimberly Hamon
Area Coordinator for Residential Life
(909) 607-8179

Jill Langan
Assistant Director of Residential Life
(909) 607-3354

Erica Little
Area Coordinator for Residential Life
(909) 607-6214

Tonya Montgomery
Student Services Coordinator
(909) 607-6110

Yuka Ogino
Assistant Director of SCORE
(909) 607-7828

Christopher S. Dennis
Assistant Dean and Director of Case Management
(909) 621-8277

Karlos Santos-Coy
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
(909) 607-8287

Leslie Schnyder
Assistant Dean for Academic Resources and Services
(909) 621-8277

Rima Shah
Director of EmPOWER Center
(909) 607-2689

Victoria Verlezza
Assistant Director of SCORE
(909) 607-7829

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