Office of Business Affairs and Treasurer’s Office


The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is the principal instrument of faculty participation in the governance of Scripps College, responsible for policy in matters of curriculum, budget, faculty welfare, institutional planning, and student affairs including admissions and financial aid. Faculty participation in individual personnel decisions is the separate responsibility of the Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee (APT).

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Staff Members

Dean Calvo
Vice President for Business Affairs/Treasurer
(909) 621-8211

Diane Holmes
Assistant Vice President/Assistant Treasurer
(909) 607-3736

Josh Reeder
Director of Facilities
(909) 621-8281

Jeffrey Sessler
Executive Director of Information Technology
(909) 607-1225

Jennifer Berklas
Assistant Vice President of Human Capital and Risk Management
(909) 607-7976

Julie Cobos
Assistant to Vice President Business Affairs/Treasurer
(909) 621-8636

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