Outside Scholarship Coordination

Yes.  Federal regulations require that Scripps consider any private/outside scholarships and other awards as part of your financial resources. You must inform the Scripps Office of Financial Aid of your award by filling out the Private Scholarship Information Form if or when you are notified of any scholarship award from National Merit, local or civic organizations, tuition grants from employers, or other sources.

Scripps College policy states that outside scholarships will first be used to reduce or replace your self-help awards—i.e., loans and/or work study—where applicable. Next, we will allow outside scholarships to help cover your minimum student contribution from summer earnings. If the total of your outside scholarship(s) exceeds your self-help awards and student income contribution, we may be required to reduce other forms of aid, including Scripps Grant, to ensure that the total of your awards does not exceed your demonstrated financial need. Outside scholarships generally may not be used to replace estimated parent contributions.