Guest Artists and Choreographers

Guest Artists are those artists who have been invited to teach master classes, perform, and/or choreograph pieces for Scripps concerts. Following is a partial list of recent guest artists.

*Starred* names indicate those who have taught master classes as well as performed at Scripps, either as a soloist or with their dance companies.

Yorgos Adamis Music for Dancers
Patrick Alcedo Philippine Folk Dance
Leela Alaniz Brazilian Dance
Idalberto Bandera Afro-Cuban Dance Workshop
Ruth Barnes Improv/Choreography Workshop
Ramaa Bharadvaj Bharata Natyam
Larry Billman Stage Dance Captured on Film
Art Bridgman* Modern Technique
Debra Christie Modern Dance
Hassan Christopher Post-Hip Hop Dance
Maire Clerkin Irish Dance
Lynn Dally Tap Skills
Laura Dean
Ruby Pikake Hoku Dichirico Hula
Heidi Duckler
Jamie Elmer Helios Repertory
Laura Everling
Jennifer Fisher Writing about Dance
Simone Forti Dance Improvisation and Exploration
Rosanna Gamson* Dance Composition
Judy Gantz Siegel “Gantz Stretch” with Therabands
Maria Gillespie Capturing Momentum, Softening Gravity
Heather Gillette
Stephanie Gilliland* Contemporary Dance Techniques
Anthony Gongora* Improvisation
Marni Greer Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Ed Groff Laban-based Approaches to Dance Creativity
Peggy Hackney Dancing Your Inner Spirit
Maha Haddad A Moving Journey to the Middle East
Bonnie Oda Homsey Graham Technique
Rhodessa Jones
Mary Ann Kellogg The Unsung Genius: Dancer/ Choreographer Jack Cole
Sharon Kinney Dance for the Camera
Regina Klenjoski* Modern Technique based on Release Style
Marissa Labog Break Dance, Hip Hop
Kin Lam Tai Chi
Loretta Livingston* Thinking, Moving and Seeing like a Choreographer
Lisa Lock Technique/Composition
Susan Lovell Movement Therapy
Arianne MacBean
Luis Lara Malvacías
Nina Martin Improvisation
Liz Maxwell Laura Dean Repertory
Emily Mayne Rhythm and Musicality for Dancers
Jeff McMahon Body Talk
Ray McNamara Body Music for Dancers
Kitty McNamee Choreography Workshop
Jennifer Miller* Basic Circus Technique
Laila Del Monte Flamenco
Sasi Nair Indian Dance
Sachiye Nakano Feldenkrais Method®
Jeremy Nelson
Jamie Nichols Modern Jazz Technique
Douglas Nielsen Movement and Partnering
Oguri Butoh
Laura Osweiler (Amara) Belly Dance
Myrna Packer* Modern Technique
Dara Paprock Video and Dance
Ruth Parker Teaching Creative Movement to Children
Donna Place Foot, Back and Hip Workshops
Claire Porter* Movement and Text
Amen Santo Capoeira
Karen Schaffman Contact Improvisation
Anthony Shay Iranian Dance
Dawn Stoppiello* Improvisation
Emma Lewis Thomas Wigman Technique and Repertory
Linda Tomko Baroque Dance
Karoun Tootikian Denishawn Technique and Repertory
Mark Uranker Music for Dance
Wendy Uyeda Denishawn Technique and Repertory
John Vaughan Musical Theatre
Ron Wagner
Shel Wagner Contact Improvisation
Diane Woodward Musical Theatre
Bill Young Contact Improv/Repertory
Cheng-Chieh Yu
Frances Zapella Pilates Technique