Rivka Weinberg

Rivka Weinberg

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Department: Philosophy

Office Address: Miller 207

Office Phone: (909) 607-1819

Email: rivka.weinberg@scrippscollege.edu

Academic History

  • B.A. Brooklyn College, CUNY
  • Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Areas of Expertise

Ethics, particularly procreative ethics, bioethics, theories of moral obligation; Metaphysics of birth and death.

Selected Research and Publications

  • "'You Got Me Into This': Procreative Responsibility and its Implications for Suicide and Euthanasia," in New Directions in the Ethics of Suicide and Euthanasia, Springer, forthcoming.
  • "Whose Problem is Non-Identity?" co-authored with Paul Hurley, The Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.
  • "Existence: Who Needs It? The Non-Identity Problem and Merely Possible People," Bioethics, 27(9), November 2013: 471-484.
  • "Is Having Children Always Wrong?" The South African Journal of Philosophy, Special Issue on Antinatalism, 31, May 2012: 26-37.
  • "It Ain't My World," Utilitas, 21(2), June 2009: 144-162.
  • "The Moral Complexity of Sperm Donation," Bioethics 22(3), March 2008: 166-178.
  • "Identifying and Dissolving the Non-Identity Problem," Philosophical Studies 137(1), January 2008: 3-18.
  • "Procreative Justice: A Contractualist Account," Public Affairs Quarterly, 16:4 (2002), 405-425.

Courses Taught

  • Ethical Theory
  • Ethical Theory Seminar: The Moral Deal
  • Ethics of the Beginning and End of Life
  • Political Philosophy
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Death
  • The Meaning (?) of Life
  • Senior Seminar

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