Hao Huang

Hao Huang

Bessie and Cecil Frankel Endowed Chair in Music
Professor of Music

Department: Music

Office Address: Performing Arts Center 138

Office Phone: (909) 607-3266

Email: hao.huang@scrippscollege.edu

Personal Website: Click here

Academic History

  • A.B. Harvard College, Leonard Bernstein Scholarship
  • M.M. The Juilliard School of Music, Piano Award
  • D.M.A. State University of New York at Stony Brook, Graduate Council Fellow

Areas of Expertise

In addition to being a concert performer and scholar of Western art music, I enjoy working in jazz and ethnomusicology. Published articles encompass piano pedagogy and keyboard technique, issues in philosophies of music, jazz analysis of Billie Holiday's performance practice, ethnomusicological fieldwork with Peter Garcia of the San Juan Pueblo on ritual Tewa Indian chants and dances, traditional Hawaiian music and hula kahiko and auana, the relationship between Hmong shamanistic ritual and music, and popular music studies perspectives of mainland Chinese rock and roll. Currently, my research focuses on Asian music philosophy and the relationship between literature and music of the Harlem Renaissance.

Selected Research and Publications

  • 2014: “She Sang as She Spoke: Billie Holiday and Aspects of Speech Intonation and Diction”, (co-author Rachel V. Huang) Jazz Perspectives, UK (Rouledge)
  • 2013: “Jazzlines: Drawing relationships between American poetry, jazz and gospel music”, TOPOS, Bilingual Journal of Space and Humanities (Pannon Eygetem, Veszprem
  • 2012: Review of HH article: “From Confucius to Chopin”, The Wilson Quarterly, Washington D.C.
  • 2011: “Why Chinese People Play Western Classical Music: Transcultural Roots of Music Philosophy”, International Journal of Music Education, Vol 30, No. 2 (ISME)
  • 2011: “Building Bridges: How American Colleges Should Approach China” (co-author Dru Gladney), The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • 2011: “The Harlem Renaissance and the ‘American Dream’”, Humanities International, vol. 3 (Xiamen University Press)
  • 2011: “Enter the Blues: Jazz Poems by Langston Hughes and Sterling Brown”, Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (Humanities Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen), XVII, No. 1
  • 2011: “Technical Exercises for Pianists”, Piano Journal, London, Vol. 29, No. 91 (European Piano Teachers Association)
  • 2010: Article in translation, “Pianists’ posture: a first step towards comfort at the keyboard”, Greek Society for Music Education Journal, Vol. 20
  • 2006: CD release, THE GOLD COAST TRIO “live at Mondavi Center” (Agnelli CD-2)
  • 2004: Book chapter, The Oekuu Shadeh of Ohkay Owingeh in Voices From Four Directions, University of Nebraska Press
  • 2003: “Voices from Chinese Rock, Past and Present Tense: Social Commentary and Construction of Identity in Yaogun Yinyue from Tiananmen to the present”, Popular Music and Society, vol. 26, nr. 2 (Routledge)
  • 2001: “Yaogun Yinyue: rethinking mainland Chinese rock 'n' roll”, Popular Music, Vol. 20, Nr. 1 (Cambridge University Press)
  • 1999: “The 1992 Turtle Dance (Oekuu Shadeh) of San Juan Pueblo: Lessons with the Composer, Peter Garcia”, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Vol. 21, No. 4

Awards and Honors

  • 2014: NEH Summer Scholar, "Art, Architecture and Devotional Interaction in Medieval England", York, UK
  • 2012-2013: American Council on Education Fellow, ACE Council of Fellows Fund for the Future grant/Fidelity Investments Leadership Development institutional grant
  • 2012: NEH Teaching Development Fellow, “Bridging Cultures”
  • 2012, 2010, 2000, 1996: Mary W. Johnson Faculty Achievement Award for Outstanding Teaching, Scripps College
  • 2012-2017: Fulbright Specialist Program roster in American Studies, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, US State Department
  • 2011: Consulting scholar, Yale-NUS (National University of Singapore) College curriculum planning, by invitation from President Richard Levin
  • 2010: Faculty initiator and co-host for Fulbright Visiting Scholar-in-Residence in Music and Italian Studies at Scripps College, Dr. Roberto Andreoni
  • 2009, 2006, 2004, 1999: Mary W. Johnson Faculty Achievement Award for Outstanding Research, Creative Work and/or Performance, Scripps College
  • 2008: Fulbright Fellowship, American Studies and Music, Eotvos Llorand University, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2006: Mellon Foundation Local Initiatives Grant, Music Faculty College, Claremont Colleges
  • 2003: Mellon Foundation Odyssey Grant, Scripps and Harvey Mudd Colleges


Dr. Hao Huang is Senior Advisor to the President for International Initiatives and the Bessie and Cecil Frankel Endowed Chair in Music at Scripps College. Currently serving his seventh year as Chair of the Scripps Music Department, Huang has served as a United States Information Agency Artistic Ambassador on several overseas tours to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In addition to international performances as a concert pianist, his scholarship includes an “Article of the Year Award” in American Music Teacher (MTNA journal) and many published articles in refereed journals of Great Britain Hungary, Greece, Japan, China and the USA. He was selected as a 2014 NEH Summer Scholar in York, UK and was a 2012-13 American Council on Education Fellow-in-residence at Queens College CUNY.

Courses Taught

  • AM ST 103CC, Introduction to American Culture
  • Humanities Core I: Culture, Knowledge and Representation
  • Humanities Core III: Blues Jazzlines-- More Than Music
  • MUS 81, Great Works of Western Music: Sound and Meaning
  • MUS 110b, Music in Western Civilization II
  • MUS 118, Music in the United States
  • MUS 121, Music of the Spirits: Tewa Pueblo Indian, Hawaiian and African American
  • MUS 122, The Color of Music: Race in Blues and Jazz
  • MUS 171a, Piano
  • MUS 171b, Piano
  • MUS 171bF, Piano
  • MUS 189, Junior Recital
  • MUS 190, Senior Music Colloquium (offered annually in the fall)
  • MUS 191, Senior Thesis
  • MUS 191H, Honors Senior Thesis
  • MUS 199, Independent Study in Music: Reading and Research

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