Dion Scott-Kakures

Dion Scott-Kakures

Mary W. and J. Stanley Johnson Chair in the Humanities
Professor of Philosophy

Department: Philosophy

Office Address: Miller 208

Office Phone: (909) 607-2767

Email: dion.scott-kakures@scrippscollege.edu

Dion Scott-Kakures will be on leave during the fall semester.

Academic History

  • B.A. Claremont Mckenna College
  • M.A., Ph.D. University of Michigan

Personal Interests

Philosophy of Mind, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy and Neuroscience, Foundations of Psychology Neuroscience Theory of Action Moral Psychology

Selected Research and Publications

  • "At Permanent Risk: Reasoning and Self-Knowledge in Self-Deception," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 65:3 (2002), 576-603.
  • "High Anxiety: Barnes on What Moves the Motivated Believer," in Philosophical Psychology, 14:3 (2001), 213-226.
  • "Motivated Believing: Wishful and Unwelcome," Nous 34:3 (2000), 348-375.
  • "Self-Knowledge, Akrasia, and Self-Criticism," Philosophia 25:1-4 (1997), 267-296.
  • "Self-Deception and Internal Irrationality," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 56:1 (1996), 31-56.
  • "Erstwhile Vindicationism," American Philosophical Quarterly, 32:3 (1995), 205-223.
  • "On Belief and the Captivity of the Will," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 54:1 (1994) 77-103.

Courses Taught

  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Foundations of Neuroscience
  • Neurophilosophy
  • Responsibility, Guilt and the Person
  • Temptation and the Will
  • Knowledge, Mind and Existence
  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Philosophy

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