Staff Council focuses on representing the staff community on campus and strives to have representatives from across all departments at Scripps College. Our members are always happy to welcome more to our team and mentor new staff to Scripps. You can reach out to our members and ask questions about upcoming events, staff initiatives, and campus resources.

Phoebe Bass
Faculty Administrative Assistant - Vita Nova
(909) 607-3250

Jennifer Berklas
Assistant Vice President of Human Capital and Risk Management and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(909) 607-7976

Dorran Boyle
Library Associate
(909) 607-3951

Raina Coutin
Cashier and Mellon Fellowship Assistant
(909) 607-1521

Christopher Eagerton
Assistant Manager, IT Client Support Services
(909) 607-9586

Diana Fortelny
Faculty Administrative Assistant - Music
(909) 607-3266

Love Larimore
Academic Administrative Assistant - Humanities; Staff Council Co-Chair
(909) 607-3898

Kevin Mullis
Media Services Technician
(909) 607-7065

Christina Ranney
Assistant to the Core Director and Administrative Coordinator of Core Curriculum; Staff Council Co-Chair
(909) 621-8326

Marcy Robinson
Event Coordinator
(909) 607-1870