Business Affairs and Treasurer’s Office

Phone: (909) 621-8636
Location: Balch 107

Office Hours

Monday-Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Offices are closed on observed holidays.


The Scripps College Business Affairs/Treasurer office adheres to high ethical standards and is responsible for finance-related matters, including the investment of college funds. We remain diligent in our efforts to provide the necessary financial protection of college assets through the exercise of cost effective internal controls. Our commitment is to provide highly professional services and support to faculty, students, and staff. We strive to actively manage and maintain the resources of the College with the goal of providing a beautiful, sustainable, healthy, and safe environment for our students to study, live, and work, and by providing services and facilities that meet the needs of our faculty and staff. Our fiduciary and stewardship responsibilities include physical assets, financial operations, treasury functions, and administering payroll and benefits.

Staff Members

Dean Calvo
Vice President for Business Affairs/Treasurer
(909) 621-8211

Diane Holmes
Associate Vice President for Business Affairs/Assistant Treasurer
(909) 607-3736

Josh Reeder
Executive Director of Facilities Management and Auxiliary Operations
(909) 621-8281

Garrett Solomon
Associate Director of Planning and Program Maintenance
(909) 607-0329

Jennifer Berklas
Assistant Vice President of Human Capital and Risk Management and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(909) 607-7976

Alane Caldwell
Manager of Mail Services
(909) 607-3708

Julie Cobos
Business Affairs Operations Coordinator
(909) 621-8636

Celeste Day-Drake
Special Projects Manager
(909) 607-6302

Mary Paine
Assistant to Vice President of Business Affairs/Treasurer

Cheryl Pump
Procurement Specialist
(909) 607-2088

Office Location