International Payments

The preferred payment process for an international student to pay their tuition and fees is through International Funds Transfer via Foreign Currency payment. This option allows you to pay your student fees in the currency of your choice in an efficient, secure and inexpensive manner.

Payments from China

Online Payment Options for Students in China

What are the benefits?

  • Use your own currency! Your full payment amount will still be received in U.S. dollars.
  • Stop worrying about exchange rates. The rate is held in for 72 hours, so the full amount arrives every time.
  • The exchange rate is very competitive when compared to your financial institution’s retail rates.
  • There are NO transaction charges from Western Union Business Solutions or Scripps College.
  • Save on bank fees and use an affordable local bank transfer.
  • Gain payment peace of mind knowing that your funds will arrive in full, on time and without deductions or delays.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make the payment are provided just below.


Let’s get started!

Step 1: Enter your Student Details

Login to your campus website with your student information and navigate to CASHNet to make a payment.

Step 2: Select the Items You Wish to Pay

Select the items you would like to pay and enter your payment amount in U.S. dollars.

Step 3: Select Pay with Foreign Currency

Select Foreign Currency under method of payment.

Step 4: Select Your Currency and Country*

Select the currency you would like to pay in and your country.

Step 5: Print Your Payment Instructions

Submit payment to generate your payment instructions.

Step 6: Process Your Payment Locally

Complete your payment at your bank or online banking using the printed instructions.

* Due to banking regulations, not all currencies are available.
If your home currency isn’t offered, you can pay in another currency, such as the U.S. dollar.
If you are unable to make a payment using Foreign Currency email or call our toll free number 1-877-218-8829 for assistance.

For international refunds:
For credit balances to be refunded by direct deposit in the currency of your choice, please fill out the below form and return it to the student account office.

Western Union Business Solutions Form