Ken Gonzales-Day to Participate in Vancouver Biennale’s “re-IMAGE-n” Arts and Culture Initiative


Ken Gonzales-Day

Photo credit: Steve Cohn (2017)



Scripps College Professor of Art Ken GonzalesDay is among a prestigious selection of international artists whose work will be featured at the Vancouver Biennale in its fourth edition exhibition, “re-IMAGE-n,” which begins this month, and continues with new installations through June 2020. According to a news announcement from the organization, the Biennale invites artists to respond to the prevailing issues of our time, including the widespread refugee and migrant crisis, a global shift towards nationalism and isolationism, and an intensifying drain on our shared natural resources. Projects will “re-IMAGE-n” (reimagine) a progressive social framework that supports free speech, reconciliation and the rights of First Nations, LGBTQ rights, artistic freedom, gender, racial, and sexual equality, ecological awareness, religious freedom, and the ethics of biotechnology. Gonzales-Day’s work is part of the “This is Not America” project.