Scripps Parent Leadership Council

It is a bittersweet moment for us, this last “official” message to you, as we close out our tenure as your parent leader co-chairs. We have enjoyed a terrific run over the past two years, and we are wistful about its ending. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Scripps community for enhancing our lives. Whether through trustee committee meetings, faculty-student regional presentations, alumnae-led museum tours, donor dinners, care-package potlucks, Parent Leadership Council gatherings, admitted student greet-and-meets, Move-In Day programs, or graduation celebrations, we’ve come to know you well. We feel most blessed by your friendships. Rest assured that under the superlative leadership of our president, Lara Tiedens, Scripps is at the top of its game, focused on all of the elements that make it one of the finest colleges in our country and, truly, anywhere in the world. Know that the College’s hardworking board, administration, faculty, and staff are unsurpassed in their dedication to our community and to our exceptional students. The impact of a Scripps education will continue to demonstrate this as we approach our 100th anniversary and the College takes on another exciting century. Your voice, support, and philanthropy really matter. We have witnessed the important results of your efforts firsthand in so many different ways. We ask that you continue to make a positive difference on behalf of Scripps College, the women’s college. Count on us to do so as well. As it is for you, our connection to Scripps is a lifelong journey. With warmest wishes,