CMS ATHENA HONORED In March, the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference named Catherine Allen ’20 Women’s Tennis Athlete of the Week. Allen earned the award after reigning undefeated at no. 1 singles and doubles at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s Indoor Nationals, with a 5-0 record against three teams ranked top 13 in the nation. ALUMNA OSCAR WIN Helen Yenser ’17 received an Academy Award in the category Best Documentary Short for Period. End of Sentence. Yenser was an executive producer of the film, which follows the story of women in rural India who begin producing their own sanitary pads using a pad machine, providing needed supplies while also challenging stigmas surrounding menstruation. NEW GRANTS FOR FACULTY Assistant Professor of Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures Gabriela Bacsan was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Fellowship, which supports the work of underrepresented junior faculty in the arts and humanities. Assistant Professor of History Corey Tazzara will pursue research on the life and times of Italian writer Pietro della Valle, widely considered to be the first modern Italian traveler, thanks to his recent Rome Prize fellowship. And Stacey Wood, Molly Mason Jones Chair in Psychology, was awarded a grant from the Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation to support her research on the susceptibility of older adults to mass marketing fraud. SCRIPPS RESPONDS TO PROPOSED TITLE IX CHANGES This past November, the U.S. Departmentof Education’s Office for Civil Rights issued proposed regulations to Title IX. They recommend, among other changes, narrowing the definitions of sexual harassment and assault and requiring colleges or universities to present live hearings in sexual assault and harassment cases, during which schools must provide an opportunity for the direct cross-examination of all witnesses. They also recommend limiting the framework under which colleges and universities must respond to complaints under Title IX. In response, Scripps’ Title IX Office submitted a public comment addressing several aspects of the proposed regulations and “urg[ing] the Department to withdraw or revise its current proposals.” In particular, they asked that the department revise the proposed regulations to require resolution proceedings under Title IX that are consistent with longstanding due-process principles in college disciplinary proceedings and to clarify the definitional confusion caused by the proposed regulations. To read Scripps’ full public comment, visit