Christina Isobel ’69

Everyday Mermaid

Isobel’s poems reveal the daily appearances of insight and grace in everyday life. Tuned to large natural cycles and the body’s wisdom, they weave back and forth between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Published by A Thousand Flowers, 2019.

Rebecca Painter ’69

[LOVE] RACHEL: A Daughter’s Memoir of Love, Betrayal and Grace

What happens when you discover that the person you admire, love, and trust most of all has secretly discredited your integrity for most of your life—even on their deathbed? Painter’s memoir is a frank, far-flung, and often funny exploration of a painful mother-daughter relationship.

Published by Fulton Books, 2019.

Stephanie Jimenez ’12

They Could Have Named Her Anything

Jimenez’s debut novel tells the story of two teenage girls—one Latina and one white—who begin questioning what it means to live up to the names they’ve been given and how far they’ll go for the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Published by Little A, August 1, 2019.