Letter from the Alumnae Association President

One of my greatest desires when I stepped into the role of Alumnae Association president was to help strengthen connections throughout the alumnae community. I have been inspired by the many ways that alums engage with the Scripps community on campus and around the world, but I also recognize the opportunity to increase those connections. In this time of global crisis, the power of the Scripps community is increasingly evident to me, along with our potential to forge even stronger connections in new ways. Now more than ever, I lean on the support of my own Scripps alumnae community: my classmates, my fellow Campers, and my partners on the Alumnae Leadership Council (ALC).

The stated purpose of the Alumnae Leadership Council is to develop a mutual sense of responsibility between alumnae and the College and encourage a lifelong and mutually beneficial relationship by enlisting support for constructive endeavors and activities of the College. In my letter printed in the fall 2019 issue of Scripps magazine, I expressed the potential of the ALC to serve as a vehicle to connect more with our far-flung alumnae community. Now, I am pleased to report on the ways in which the ALC has developed to align with the strategic goals of Scripps and, most importantly, with the needs of our diverse and ever-changing alumnae community.

In addition to several longstanding committees, such as the Alumnae/Student Diversity Committee and the Honors, Awards, and Recognition Committee, we have added two others. The newly established Engagement and Outreach Committee, led by Ruthie Jones ’87, will focus on re-energizing regional markets and developing engagement strategies for alums at every point on their life paths.

In addition to some of the traditional outreach events, this will include alum-to-alum networking and career mentorship opportunities. Another exciting development is the Young Alum Cabinet, led by Szeyin Lee ’15, that has already begun working with younger alums to generate new ideas and opportunities for volunteerism and engagement. These initiatives—and more—are part of our remodeled ALC, which recognizes the desire and need for a diversity of students and alumnae to connect with each other and for new voices to be heard and valued.

We are all connected by our experiences at Scripps, and we’re further linked by our common experience of the challenges faced in the era of COVID-19. Our ongoing involvement with the alumnae community and with the College can ensure that Scripps remains a vibrant community of shared learning, exploration, and hope, but we cannot do it without you! If you are interested in volunteering with the Scripps community, including networking, mentorship, and other forms of engagement, please email me at  or contact the Office of Alumnae Engagement at or (909) 621-8054. We are here for you.

Juanita Nash-Dahlen ’72