Schedule – Haiti Earthquake 10th Anniversary Symposium

February 7-8, 2020
Boone Rictal Hall, Performing Arts Center, Scripps College*
CGU Art Gallery

Haiti Earthquake 10th Anniversary Symposium

Friday, February 7, 2020
*All symposium events will be held in Boone Recital Hall except where indicated.

1:15–1:30 pm

1:30–3:30 pm
Film Screening of Fatal Assistance by Dir. Raoul Peck, with Humanities Institute Seminar student discussants

3:45–4:45 pm
Global Disaster Relief: California Protocol in Haiti and California, 2010-2020
Kit Miyamoto, California commissioner and founder of Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief and Sabine Kast, executive director of Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief

5:00–6:00 pm
Literary Reading
Myriam J. A. Chancy, 12 (Douze)(a novel of post-earthquake Haiti), forthcoming with HarperCollins, Canada

6:00–7:30 pm
Reception Opening, Ayiti Alive!
CGU Art Gallery

6:30–7:15 pm
Book Signings by all symposium participants
CGU Art Gallery

Saturday, February 8, 2020
*All symposium events will be held in Boone Recital Hall except where indicated.

9:00–9:15 am
Opening Remarks

9:15–10 am
Puerto Rican Poets Read Disaster Relief
Elidio La Torre Lagares, Wonderful Wasteland and Other Natural Disasters (2019)
Raquel Salas Rivera, while they sleep (under the bed is another country) (2019) and The Tertiary (2019)

Water is Life: The Politics of Climate Change in California and in the Caribbean
Sarah Gilman, associate professor, Keck Science, “Acute or Chronic: How Marine Ecosystems Respond to the Challenges of Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Climate Change”
Maritza Stanchich, associate professor of English, University of Puerto Rico and Hilda Lloréns, associate professor of anthropology, University of Rhode Island, “Water is Life, but the Colony is a Necropolis: Environmental Terrains of Struggle in Puerto Rico”

Human Rights
Nadège Veldwachter, associate professor of French, Purdue University. “The Tyranny of the Gift: The Politics of Human Rights between Haiti and Israel”
Brian Concannon, former director, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, “Taking Rights, and Wrongs, Seriously: UN Cholera and Sexual Exploitation in Haiti”

2:45–4:00 pm
Fault Lines: Narrating the Earthquake
Yanick Lahens, “Failles, une Lecture d’Haïti et du Monde” /”Fault Lines: A Reading of Haiti and of the World”
Jonathan Katz, AP journalist, “The Big Truck That Went By: The Signal Failure of International Aid”

4:15–5:45 pm
Migration Narratives after the Earthquake: Haitians in Latin America
April Mayes, associate professor of history, Pomona College, “Not (Quite) a Post-Earthquake Event: Rethinking Time and Scale in Haitian Migration to the American Mainland”
Handerson Joseph, adjunct professor of anthropology, Universidad Federal do Amapa (UNIFAP/Brazil), “The Haitian Diaspora in Post-Earthquake South America”

5:30–6:30 pm
Bilingual Literary Reading by Yanick Lahens, Bain de Lune/Moonbath (2014/2017)

6:30–6:45 pm
Closing Remarks by Humanities Institute Seminar students

7–7:30 pm
Book Signings by all Symposium participants
Boone Recital Hall Lobby