Our Academic Excellence

Providing Access to a Scripps Education:

$35 Million


Transformation that will open the doors to a Scripps education for anyone who is qualified to come here regardless of ability to pay.

If you can get into Scripps, we want you to be able to come here. It’s that simple.

Scripps proudly meets the full need of all students with grants and minimal loans. However, there are still prospective qualified students who we cannot afford to enroll because of limited financial aid. Only a small number of colleges can afford to admit all qualified students regardless of their ability to pay, which is known as “need-blind admission.” We would like to be among them.

Our goal is to make Scripps accessible to capable young women who reflect the diversity of our nation and our world. By adding $30 million in new endowed scholarships and $5 million in scholarship gifts to The Scripps Fund, we can substantially increase resources available for financial aid, and move the College closer to its goal of being need-blind.

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Investing in Faculty and a Distinctive Curriculum:

$34 Million

Professor teaches class.

Transformation that will grow our faculty, adding breadth and depth to academic departments with new endowed professorships.

There is no question that what binds Scripps students begins in the classroom with the College’s hallmark Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

The Core establishes a common intellectual community and faculty mentorship. Students then progress to early research activities that culminate in the senior thesis.

The Scripps faculty has designed and adapted the curriculum to encourage intellectual inquiry, knowledge, creativity, and self-authorship. Our professors make Scripps one of the best places in the country to conduct undergraduate research across all disciplines.  Scripps is not only a humanities powerhouse, but also a leader in educating women in the sciences.

To protect the remarkable education we provide and to continue to recruit and retain professors who thrive in Scripps’s distinctive culture, our goal is to endow 10 new professorships. New endowed faculty chairs will allow the College to compensate faculty on par with the top third of our peer colleges, as well as to strategically grow the size of the faculty.

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Scholarship Spotlight

Tia Palermo Scholarship

tiaIn 2013, the family of Tia Palermo, a longtime resident of Livingston County New York, established a scholarship at Scripps College in her memory.

Tia—one of six sisters and later the mother of four daughters—enrolled in college and supported herself while she attained a bachelor’s degree in education.

“My parents both believed in the power of women’s higher education,” says Zoe Ravich ’12. “My mother adored Scripps and what the College stands for as a women’s institution.”

The Tia Palermo Scholarship provides a partial to a full scholarship to an incoming student who demonstrates financial need from the upstate New York counties of Livingston, Wyoming, Orleans, Genesee, Erie, Niagara, and Monroe. Students do not apply directly for the scholarship – they apply for admission to the College. If admitted, an incoming student from one of the qualifying counties would be eligible for selection once financial need is demonstrated.

To learn how you can establish a scholarship honoring a loved one, please contact Enrique Gonzalez-Salgado, Associate Vice President for Philanthropy.