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Power Hungry

The Black Panthers and Their Fight to Feed a Movement

In early 1969, Cleo Silvers and a few Black Panther Party members met at a community center laden with boxes of donated food to cook for the neighborhood children. By the end of the year, the Black Panthers would be feeding more children daily in all of their breakfast programs than the state of California was at that time. Silvers’ story of how food was used by women as a potent ideological tool—one so powerful as to attract the attention of the FBI—is at the heart of Suzanne Cope’s riveting new book, Power Hungry: The Women of the Black Panther Movement, Freedom Summer, and Their Fight to the Movement. Join them for a conversation about the ongoing power of using food as a political weapon.

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March 1


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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United Kingdom
London, E16 2DQ