IDEA Initiative at Scripps College


  • [in]visible magazine:  a student- run magazine seeking to increase appreciation of inner beauty.
  • CHISPAS: the Chicano Latino Student Affairs newsletter.
  • OBSA News: Office of Black Students Affairs news outlet for 7C events and resources.
  • Our Sound (maga)ZINE: a biannual creative lit publication produced by and dedicated to serving marginalized communities at Scripps College. We aim to create a space for expression by accepting submissions of art, photography, prose, and poetry from members of these communities and their allies. As an intersectional publication, we focus on issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, difference, and identity. Through the permanence of published work, we will document the marginalized voices at Scripps and spark dialogue.
  • The Scripps Voice: Scripps College’s student-run newspaper since 1996.
  • The Student Life: the newspaper of The Claremont Colleges. Published by the Associated Students of Pomona College Since 1889.
  • The Claremont Portside: the progressive publication of The Claremont Colleges focused on international and national topics.
  • The Peel: the official Pitzer College newspaper that features sustainability practices, vagina monologues, social justice topics and campus hot topics.
  • Extravaganza: a multi-cultural and multi-lingual magazine established by and for students of The Claremont Colleges. Extravaganza hopes to serve as such a platform for deepening relations among students, undergraduate and graduate, domestic and international, by teaching, sharing, observing, and learning from one another.