Goals and Student Outcomes: Philosophy

Department Goals and Objectives

Goals are broad statements that describe what the program wants to accomplish

  1. Students develop critical reasoning.
  2. Students develop analytical writing skills.
  3. Students gain understanding of fundamental analytical philosophical issues.
  4. Students attain knowledge of the history of philosophy.
  5. Students develop philosophical reading comprehension skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes describe specific knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes students should demonstrate

  • SLO1: Students demonstrate critical reasoning, provide justifying reasons for their views and critically evaluate arguments.
  • SLO2: Students demonstrate ability to develop coherent lines of argument with clear theses and justifying reasons.
  • SLO3: Students demonstrate understanding of basic analytical philosophical issues and their significance.
  • SLO4: Students demonstrate familiarity with the historical development of philosophy.
  • SLO5: Students demonstrate ability to comprehend written arguments in a wide range of texts in different areas of philosophy and make appropriate use of textual evidence.</p>