Admission Interviews


While not required for admission, an interview is a great way to learn more about Scripps and help us learn more about you. Interviews last about 30 minutes and are conducted by an admission counselor, Scripps senior, or alum volunteer. Interviews are only available for high school seniors and prospective transfer students.

Interview Deadlines

Early Decision I Early Decision II Regular Decision Spring Transfer Fall Transfer
Interview Deadline November 15 December 15 December 15 November 15 March 30

Interview Options

There are a variety of ways you can interview with Scripps – choose whichever interview type and time that is best for you. Interviewing with an admission counselor, Scripps senior, or alum holds the same weight in the admission process. Please note that students can only interview once.

Click here to sign up for a virtual interview conducted by a Scripps senior or admission counselor. Online interviews are offered between 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Pacific Time) Monday – Friday each week.

Your admission counselor will be conducting interviews throughout the fall for students in your area. Visit our staff page to find your admission counselor and view their interview availability.

For more flexibility in times, you can request an Alum Interview, which will connect you with a Scripps alum based on common academic interests. Click here to request an alum interview.

International students can arrange an interview with InitialView or Vericant at any time. Please note that InitialView and Vericant interviews are not Scripps-specific